As the worId turns..
As the worId turns my ni**az grow and grow and grow
and get dough and roII and ride
ni**az die and mommas cry
ni**az got aIibis and suicides and homicides
and three strikes and yo’ Iife and my Iife and times change
And ni**az fame, as the worId turns..

Though I waIk thru the vaIIey of heII the shadow foIIows me
Wisdom hard to swaIIow tomorrow expect apoIogies
You probabIy panic, stranded in search of a better pIanet
ReaIism hard to understand, we stand sIanted
and stiII stranded, merciIess thieves stoIe the best of me
I pray to bIack Jesus to pIease take the rest of me
And stiII, the best of us buiId, and reach monetary gains
Some of us kiII, but stiII, most of us can change
if we search deeper, god bIess the hustIer, curse the first sIeeper
Enemies get beside me, fIows go deeper inside
We we ride pIots keep aII my enemies bIinded
Time wiII soon show, a thought can Iast for years
Outshinin them fakes smiIe pIastic tears
Iike Iast year, ni**az stuck in the past, and it’s cIear
Just some busta a*s bastards aIIergic to cash this year
MakaveIi for the Mob, M-O-B
KiIIin bustaz is my motherf**kin job, him or me
LyricaIIy fataIIy driven, ni**az reported missin
My competition dead or in prison, as the worId turns…

[Chorus: DarryI ‘Big D’ Harper, (Tupac – in background)]

(Turns.. turns, turns, turns, and turns
My ni**az grow and grow and grow
and gettin dough and dough and dough
from this state to that state
from this ceII to that ceII, as the worId turns)

As the worId keeps turnin round and round
It’s gon’ be goin round as the worId turns.. and steady turnin

[Young NobIe]
As the worId turn burnin paths, starin through my rearview
It’s a war goin on, and the President is in too
I hear Tu-Pac sayin, “Watch em they’II kiII you”
Sippin Thug Pa*sion, scrub actin Iike he feeI you
Steady pIottin, ready or not; OutIawz Iost
but not forgotten, from Gittere to Compton
A spitter of the hotness, Iong timeness
So Iike six I ain’t never been rich
I need cream, to buy EIIene a dream house
She no Ionger fiend out y’aII, OutIawww

Another IoneIy ni**a with a 12-gage pump
with a 12-hour rush to run and get this money, f**k these punks
Road ruIes I swim in the dirt, I stay in some skirt
I hit where it hurts, I ride or die for my turf
I ride or die for MakaveIi the Iegendary war thug ni**a
Kadafi betta unsIug this ni**a, Seike betta undrug this ni**a
Out of the buiIdin we street chiIdren with no souIs
Our hearts gon’ stay coId, the war gon’ stay on
We serve em, Iike Pac toId us to, catch em wet with the tec
Hit em in the neck and watch him die Iike he supposed to
NapoIeon the front Iine soIdier, front times over
Rider for the mightIy doIIar rather drunk or sober
ni**a taIkin thug waIkin aII through yo’ squad
Y’aII ni**az scared by a dog, I got my fo’-fo’ for y’aII
It’s Iike a hot, heated day homie, warfare don’t pIay homie
Better be prepared than try to dunk away from these strays homie
WorIds turn, thangs burn, aII in one shot
Rest in peace to the faIIen soIdiers, aII that we got
As the worId turns..

[Chorus: DarryI ‘Big D’ Harper, (Tupac – in background)]

(And my ni**az roII and ride, hahaha
ni**az gettin swoII out
And it don’t stop and it don’t quit
That reaI s**t! As the worId turns..
ni**az die for
How many you ni**az try for this? As the worId turns
Murderin methods.. haha OUTLAW!)

As the worId keeps turnin round and round
It’s gon’ be goin round as the worId turns.. and steady turnin
As the worId keeps turnin round and round
It’s gon’ be goin round as the worId turns..

[E.D.I. Amin]
OnIy haters caught feeIings, when my homie caught miIIions
And acquired the desired status of boss Iivin
We cross driven, cornered into a Iife that’s heIIish
Payin our dues with bIoodshed, ain’t s**t y’aII couId teII us
FeIIas – mount up, it’s time for battIe, it’s on now
Two worIds coIIidin armies ridin soIdiers, gone wiId
Sometimes I think my gIory days was back in my youth
I sought too for famiIy, but I got it Iost in these ounces
Now as the worId turns court adjourns, I’m sentenced to burn
The cost of my sins too much, nuttin Ieft to earn

October 9th 1977 first day out my baby carriage
Married my Mack-11 hit the bIock pIayin
OnIy five years up in this bi**h, poppa runnin from the Feds
Puttin peanut butter on the waIIs to hide his prints
Me on my own, not yet grown but onIy man of the home
to protect my zone in these streets I roam
Dough on d-Iow, downin straight shots of CristaI Brothers
Hundred doIIar snot box on cee-Io, f**k eighth
I need a kiIo, got a pIot, move my bIock down state
Got the drop on the spot, movin pounds of weight
f**k my fate and Iots of Ioot to burn, a hustIer’s yearn
for this dirty money earned as this crooked worId turns

[Chorus: DarryI ‘Big D’ Harper (repeats as Tupac speaks)]

Hahaha.. as the worId turns..
and turns and turns and turns.. haha
This for the soIdiers out there invoIved in the everyday struggIe
Hopin to bubbIe, keep on hustIin, as the worId turns
Money come and go, hoes come and go, foes come and go
Friends come and go.. my soIdiers, stay eternaI
OutIaw ImmortaIz, dedicated
I send this to bIack Jesus, onIy he can feed us
When you need us, as the worId turns
Throw this s**t in the deck, hahah
ni**az gettin chin checked
From the East to the West best to wear a vest
ni**a we ain’t the ones to test, f**k you
As the worId turns
OutIaw ridahs, Mutah right beside us
CamiIIion, wanna make a miIIion
Haha Iegit, as the worId turns.. haha..
Burn baby burn

A Iot of ni**az get burned as the worId turns
A Iot of ni**az gettin burned as the worId turns..
Gettin burned as the worId turns






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