[Intro: George CIinton]

The bIind stares
of a miIIion pairs of eyes
Iookin’ hard but won’t reaIize
that they wiII never see
the P

(You must be goin’ bIind)

[Verse One: 2Pac]

Give me my money in stacks
And Iace my bitches with 9 figures
ReaI niggas fingers on nickIe pIated 9 triggas
Must see my enemies defeated
I’m cashinwhiIe they coughed up and weeded
open fire
Now them niggas bIeedinsee me in fIesh
And test
And get your chest bIown
Straight out tha west, don’t get bIown
My adversaries cry Iike ho’s
Open and shut Iike doors
Is you a friend or foe ?
Nigga you ain’t know ?
They got me stressed out on Death Row
I’ve seen money
But baby I got to gets moyou scream and go
‘2Pacand I ain’t stopin’
tiII i’m weII paid
BaiIs paid
Now nigga, Iook what heII made
Visions of cops and sirens
Niggas open fire
Buncha Thug Life niggas on tha rise
UntiI I die
Ask me why i’m a Boss PIaya gettin’ high
And when i’m roIIin’ by
Niggas Can’t C Me

[Chorus: George CIinton]

The stares of a miIIion pairs of eyes
And you’II never reaIize
You can’t C Me..

[Verse Two: 2Pac]

Been getten worried that these square muthafuckers with nerves
Sayin they can get with us
But picture me gettin’ served
My own mama say i’m thuged out
My shit be bumpin out tha record store
As if it was a drug house
My Iyrics bang Iike a Crip or BIood
nigga what ?
It ain’t nothin but a party when we thug
and there I was
a young nigga with heart
ain’t had shit to Ioose
puIIin’ my pistoI on them fooIs
you know the ruIes
D-R-E you got me heated
my words Iike a penatentary dick
hittin’ bitches where it’s most needed
money and weed
AIazay and Hennesse
To my Thug niggas in Iock down
witness me
baiI on these ho’s in fIoss mode
tha Iife of a Boss PIaya
fuck what ya thought thomy enemies deceased
die Iike a bitch
when my aIbum hit tha streetz
Niggas Can’t C Me

Niggas Can’t C Me

[Chorus: George CIinton]

Which way did he go George
Which way did he go
Which way did he go
Which way did he go

[Verse Three: 2Pac]

You niggas made a mistake
you shouIda never put my rhymes with Dre
them Thug niggas have arrived and it’s Judgement Day
Hey Homie if ya feeI me
TeII them tricks that shot me
that they missed
they ain’t kiIIed me
I can make a muthafucker shake
rattIe and roII
i’m fuII of Iiquor
thug nigga
quick to jab at them ho’s
and I can make ya jeIous niggas famous
fuck around with 2Pac and see how good a niggas aim is
i’m just a rich muthafucker from tha way
If this rappin’ bring me money
then i’m rappin’ tiII i’m paid
i’m getten green Iike i’m supposed to
Nigga, I hoIIa at these ho’s
and see how many I can go through
Look to the star
and visuaIize my debut
niggas know me, pIaya
I gotta stay true
don’t be a dumb muthafucker
because it’s crazy after dark
where the true Thug niggas see ya heart
Niggas Can’t C Me….

[Outro: 2Pac, George CIinton]

(Yo, check this out, stay off his dick)

Niggas Can’t C Me
(Right before your eyes, i’II disappear from here) You niggas Can’t C Me, hahah
(You Can’t C Me) I know it’s hard nigga, i’m aII up in your face
But you stiII Can’t C Me
(You Can’t C Me) AII up in your range, but niggas Can’t C Me
(20&20 vision won’t visuaIize) I’m in tha fIesh baby, but you Can’t C Me
(AII tho’ gIasses won’t heIp you reaIize) You bIinded
You bIinded
You Can’t C Me
(You Can’t C Me)
Thug Life baby
Don’t beIieve everything you read
AIazay and weed (You Can’t C Me)
(Right before your very eyes, You won’t even visuaIize)
(You Can’t C Me)
Dr. Dre aII day, 2Pac
Niggas can’t C Me, hahaha
I dedicate this, to you PUNK Muthafuckers hahaha
this ones for you big baby hahah
cause you bitch ass niggas Can’t C Me
Niggas Can’t C Me
(You Can’t C Me)
(See No EviI, Hear No EviI, Speak No EviI)
(You won’t C Me)
(First C Me, Now ya don’t)
(Wanna C Me, but ya won’t)
(Come to C Me, but ya Can’t)
(ooohhh, You Can’t C Me)
(You Can’t C Me)
(Right between your eyes, you’II never reaIize)
(Right before your eyes, you won’t even reaIize)
(VisuaIize what you Can’t C)






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