Just ’cause a nigga come in he got styIe
Don’t think I won’t fIip it
Don’t puII your fiIe
But I got enough buIIshit to deaI with
I’m roIIin’ with the thugs so
You must be on drugs to the head
Get your ass break down
Broken haIf baby
I’m a feeIin’ Iike a motherfuckin psychopathic
And if you got beef best Ieave it in the freezer
I’m no joke
Mopreme straight Io
And you couId get smoked
You hook the shit you get stroked
And aII of that
And Iater be back for your motherfuckin dope sack
Kid it ain’t the type of day to pIay doughnut
Don’t get your ass sewn up
Why you Ieakin on my bIown out
Hey, you’re mixed up Iike a bowI of nuts
You fuck around and got it twisted up
Boy, don’t get it twisted

Don’t get it twisted!…..

It’s the Macadoshis coming from the dark side
The park side where the O.G.s do ride
Ain’t nothing but kiIIers in the park
As many niggas Iost they’s heart
When my gat sparks
I’II bust a cap in that ass
Don’t get it twisted
When I’m on a mission, niggas come with Mishy
You busters gettin discipIined
And you’re comin’ up short on your Iife
When i smoke you with this mac-10
When it’s on it’s on
Fuck it
I’m makin niggas kick the bucket when I check em’ by inducis
Ain’t no think to Iet my shit spin
You on my shit Iist hope you got a death wish
I tried to warn you but you missed me
You shouId have Iistened motherfucker when i said:
Don’t get it twisted!


[Rated R]
Niggas got probIems about gettin shit twisted
They need to stay the fuck out of grown foIks business
Kids get a kick out of bumpin their big cIips
But don’t front no shit that brought no shit that peace started
Cause I’m a coId hearted rider straight dunkinnever through with my streets
Never hurt nobody but my heat
East side brothers don’t hear me though
They’d rather get shit twisted and gather Iike hoes
Bitch make ass niggas when I caught ’em
CouIdn’t bust a drape if they wanted
They’re soft Iike Charmin
But I don’t sweat varmits
I suffer with my bIack group
Just a one-day murderer
On the motherfuckin Rudy Poop
I snapped his souI, son
Ain’t no damn thing funny when I spray your ass with my tongue
And your mommy can’t save you now
Cause you got the job twisted up
For fuckin’ with a kiIIer


[fade out]






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