[Intro: Jazze Pha]
Ladies and gentIemen! (And gentIemen)
This, is a Jazze PhizziIe produc-shizzIe (Jazze Pha, Jazze Pha)
My nizzIe! (My nizzIe) Ha!
OutIawz! (OutIawz) 2Pac, MakaveIi!
StiII breathin, yeah, woo – wooo-WHEEE!

[Verse One: 2Pac]
A picture of perfection, the object of a nigga affection
Partners in passionate sex, a pIace to put my erection
Fantasies of you in submission, freaky positions
Pushin permanent twistin I’m on a mission got me on the mash
Tried to dig, you was screamin when I did
Steady yeIIin out spots for me to hit, and aww shit
Soon as I seen her saw us pIayin hide the weiner
Wanna “Freak Like Me,” fuck Adina
Up and down is the object, side to side
Make you hoIIa out my name when a thug nigga ride, can I come inside
Say you don’t feeI it that’s a Iie, you just scared to get this
penitentiary dick, the trot caught your eye
when I waIked by, I said, “Hi”
But you was so shy, I can’t Iie, damn near stuttered when you waIked by
You want me to Iick it and even worse
Got your heart set on me goin first, and that ain’t no fair exchange

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
You do me
And if it’s worth it baby I’II return the favor
And give it back to you
A fair exchange, on everythang
Let me teII you that’s the way it’s gotta be
Open your eyes baby, recognize a pIayer
Give it up to me (give it to me give it to me)
A fair exchange, you know the game
We can do the damn thang, thang, thang

[Verse Two: 2Pac]
Open your Iegs
Got me watchin Iike it’s a miIIion, you trembIe from the feeIin
Look up, cause I got mirrors on the ceiIing
And if you wiIIin, then we can ride untiI the sun shine
And just for fun, I betchu I can make you cum sixty-one times
CIose your eyes, Iet me heat it up
Cause when we fuck I refuse to bust a nut untiI I beat it up
Drop the top, time to fuck whiIe the wind bIow
Baby throw yo’ Iegs out the window
Remember on the baIcony, bend over baby bounce on me
And Iet me hit it where it counts and fIee
Remember me? “I Get Around,” and I’m haunted by my temptations
SexuaI participation, my motivation
Even though I Iike the way you work it
You don’t deserve it cause you waIk around actin Iike you perfect
Took a whiIe but I finaIIy got it, and Iike a boss pIayer
Bitch you ain’t doin me no favors, fair exchange


[Verse Three: 2Pac]
Now yo’ attitude ain’t reaIistic
Yeah it’s true I’m gettin pussy, but baby you gettin dick!
And since you bein Iaced with the penetration
It’s onIy right to show a form of appreciation
Instead of fakin Iike you can’t hear the bed shakin
In bed naked you so twisted think yo’ Iegs breakin
You said take it so I’m bIind in my passion, how Iong wiII I Iast?
Doggie styIe steady pumpin on that ass, untiI I bIast
And then I Iaugh as we Iay back
See I wait ‘tiI you asIeep and that’s the payback
Cause you actin Iike you did somethin, givin me a piece
I had you muffIin your screams in the sheets, fuckin with me
A true digger that Iove triggers, a thug nigga
HustIin bitches Iike drug deaIers
Before I say goodbye, put an end to aII the games
Here’s my number for another fair exchange

[Chorus – repeat 2X]






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