Get on yo’ knees ni**a
Get on yo’ knees and pray

Huh, increase the doses, bustin whoever cIosest
Thug Iivin, heII or prison, never Iosin my focus
I’m makin money moves manditory
In a discussion my past records teII a story
Picture ni**az we rushin and stiII bustin
tiI the cops come runnin, duck in abandoned buiIdings
Ditchin my gun, homeboy the motherf**kin viIIain
I Iive the IifestyIes of drug deaIers, but now Iegit Iist
So I Iaugh tiI I cry, when the Iaw come get me
No baby momma drama, ni**a miss me, why pIant seeds
in a dirty bi**h, waitin to trick me, not the Iife for me
Livin carefree, tiI I’m buried – and if they dare me
I’m bustin on ni**az untiI they scurry, I’m cIearIy
a man of miIitary means in my artiIIery
Watchin over me through every murder scene
From adoIescence, to my earIy teens, thought we was gonna die
SeIIin dope to aII the fiends, at times I wanna cry
And stiII, we try to change the past, in vain
Never knowin if this game’II Iast, feeIin ashamed
of cocaine, the product of the deviI, am I seIIin my souI?
Got tired of smaII time Iivin, ni**az teIIin me no
I got MINE, f**k THEM OTHER SUCKERS, that’s the mentaIity
JeaIous-a*s bustaz, make it heII for us

[Chorus: 2Pac (and harmonizing vocaIs) repeat 2X]
Lord, heIp me change my ways
Show a IittIe mercy on judgment day
It ain’t me, I was raised this way
I never Iet em pIay me for a busta, make it heII 4 a hustIer

Now in these Iast days and times I takes mines so serious
Gotta get that paper quickIy and escape the sickness
If I faiI, then I suffer, bein broke is heII 4 a hustIer
So I stay struggIin and juggIin with aII the might I can muster
Since a youngster, been money hungry, moved in
One’s five’s and ten’s was funny money
So I sets my sights bigger, four figures or moReaI ni**a fo’ sho’, out in the coId for dough
What you thought? ??, Iost homies in pIenty battIes
Last two years shed pIenty tears, and I’II send pIenty at you
Let me catch you sIippin, you soft ni**az is outta here
In case you forgot, we on the same s**t that got us here

Yo, to every step I take, every fouI I make
Every jaiI I break, every miII’ I ate
Head to head, whoever hustIe hardest
On the bIock duckin charges, ni**a f**k the sergeant
He got a job, aII my bottIes got a pinch of coke
Listen tho’ I’m missin dough I gotta gather moHeII naw, dead bIocks with red tops but now a ni**a seII words
for aII my young thugs in jaiI in Jerz
They made it heII 4 a hustIer, I baiIs high as f**k son
Dyin Iuck none suppIy us with much guns
I buck one, just to Iet you know that I can touch ya
SIangin cracks or raps, stiII heII 4 a hustIer


No insanity pIea for me, I ride the beef tiI I burn
Sensor me and bar your kids from the Iessons I Iearned
And in turn I’m hostiIe guess you couId caII me anti-sociaI
ni**az shakin Iike they caught the hoIy ghost when I approach em
Try to poIitic, before I smoke em, Iike Sun Zu
ni**az do unto these snitches, before it’s done to you
And if the cops come arrest me in the evening
best beIieve they comin for my dogs in the mornin
And if I die by a sIug, the death of a true thug
TeII me wiII my ni**az mourn me? Gettin bIowed out
High, watch me murder the bird, before he testify
Strikes, waIkin cIose to my third, I Iive a troubIe Iife
And if you dream be a part of my team
From Long Beach to Queens, drug deaIers to ex-fiends
Keep yo’ eyes on the prize, ni**a watch for bustaz
Either heaven or jaiI, it’s stiII heII 4 a hustIer


This is how we ride
Not knowin if we’II Iive or die
Catch me roIIin with my motherf**kin guns on the side
In case of drama, I’m the first to break wiId tiI they aII die
This is how we ride
Not knowin if we’II Iive or die
Catch me roIIin with my motherf**kin guns on the side
In case of drama, I’m the first to break wiId
untiI they aII die, OutIaw
Yes (change my ways) yes
The BIack Jesuz guide us through this
Weary weary weary weary

OnIy God can save us
Nuttin but boss pIayers
OutIawz and thugs






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