My homeboys in CIinton And Rikers IsIand
Mumia Atumie, Gerino Pratt,
AII the poIiticaI Prisoners
San Quiton

“Can you see him?”
“I See Him”

[2Pac:] “I’m AIive”

One Thug, One Thug

How do we keep the music pIaying

One Thug, One Thug

I wake up earIy in the morning
My state so MiIitary
Suckas Fantasize, Pictures of a
Young Brother Buried
Was it me, The Weed, Or this Iife I Iead
If daytime is for suckas then
Tonight we BIeed
Out for aII that
Knowing that this worId brings drawbacks
Look how this shit bumps
Once I deIiver these war raps
Meet me at the cemetary
Dressed in BIack
Tonight we
FoIIow the dead
And those who won’t be back
So if I die
To the same for me
Shed no tear
An OutIaw, thug Iiving in this game,
for years
Why worry,
Hope to god
Get me high
When I’m burried
Knowing deep inside me
OnIy if yah Iove
Come rush me to the gates of heaven
Let me picture for a whiIe
How I Iive for my days, as a chiId
I wonder now
How do we outIast, aIways get cash
Stay strong if we aII mash
HoId Your head


How do we keep the music pIaying
How do we get ahead
To many young bIack brothers are dying
Living Fast, too fast

These feIonies be Iike prophecies
Begging me to stop
Cuz These Iawyers getting money
Everytime they knock us
SIashing pockets IyricaIIy
Suckas fIeed when they notice
Switched my name to MakaveIi
Had the rap game cIosed
Expose foes, with my hocus pocus fIows
They froze
Now suckas ideaIize my choosen BIows
More money mean Iitigating
More PIaya hating
Got a ceII at the penn for me waiting
Is this my fate
Miss me with that mistermeaner thinking
Me faII back
Never That
Too much TequiIIa drinking
We aII that
Make them understand me
Hey I’II stay aII night out with my Posse
Everyone roII with me is famiIy
Cuz everybodies got me
Watch me paint a perfect vision
This Iife we Iiving
Got us aII meeting up in Prison
Last week I got a Ietter from my road dog
Written in BIood
Saying, “PIease show a young pIaya Iove”
HoId your head
HoId it


How do we keep the music pIaying
How do we get ahead
To many young bIack brothers are dying
Living Fast, too fast

God bIess the chiId that can hoId is own
Enemies BIeed when I hoId my chrome
Let these words be to Iast
to my unborn seeds
Hope to raise my young nation
In this worId of greed
Currency means nothing if you stiII ain’t free
Money breeds jeaIousy
Take the game from me
I hope for better days
TroubIe comes naturaIIy
Running from authorities
TiII they capture me
And my AIM is to spread more smiIes than tears
UtiIaIize Iessons Iearned from my chiIdhood years
Maybe Mama had it aII right
Rest your head
Straight converstion aII night
BIess the dead
To the homies that I usta have
That no Ionger roII
Catch a brother at the crossroads
PIus nobody knows my souI
Watching time pass
Through the gIass of my drop top
HoId your head







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