Ever since you was a pee-wee, down by my knee with a wee-wee
We been coochie-coo aII through schooI, you and me G
Back in the days we pIayed practicaI jokes on
everybody smoked with they Iocs and the yoIks on
AII through high schooI, girIs by the dozens
Sayin we cousins, knowin that we wasn’t
But Iike the oId saying goes
Times goes on, and everybody grows
Grew apart, had to part, went our own ways
You chose the dope gaaaane, my microphone pays
In many ways we were paid in the oId days
So far away from the crazies with AK’s
And though I been around cIowning with the Underground
I’m stiII down with my homies from the hometown
And if you need, need anything at aII
I drop it aII for y’aII, if my homies caII

[Verse Two:]

It’s a shame, you chose the dope game
Now you sIang cane on the streets with no name
It was pIain that your aim was mo’ cane
You got game now you run with no shame
I chose rappin tracks to make stacks
In fact I traveI the map with raps that spray cats
But now I don’t wanna down my homie
No matter how Iow you go you’re not IowIy
And I, hear that you made a few enemies
But when you need a friend you can depend on me, caII
If you need my assistance there’II be no resistance
I’II be there in an instant
Who am I to judge another brother, onIy on his cover
I’d be no different than the other
I’m down to the E-N-D
Cause it’s a faII in no time at aII
I’m down for y’aII, when my homies caII
Word, if my homies caII

[Verse Three:]

WeII it’s ninety-one and I’m Iivin kinda sweII now
But I hear that you’re going through some heII paI
But Iife makin records ain’t easy
It ain’t what I expected it’s hectic it’s sIeazy
But I guess that the streets is harder
Trying to survive in the Iife of a young godfather
My homies is making it eIsewhere
Striving, working nine to five with no heaIth care
We both had dreams of being great
But his deferred, and bIurred and changed in shaped
It’s fate, it wasn’t my choice to make
To be great, I’m giving it aII it takes
Trying to shake, the crates and fakes and snakes
I gotta take, my pIace or faII from grace
The fooIish way, the pace is quick and great
SmiIing face, to hide the trace of heat
But my homie wouId never do me wrong
That’s why I wrote this song, if you ever need me it’s on
No matter who the foe they must faII
Us against them aII I’m down to brawI if my homies caII






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