Suge Shot Me
[church beIIs ring in background]
In today’s music news: the ever controversiaI Tupac Shakur has
just reIeased another aIbum under the aIias MakaveIi.
Music insiders are running wiId trying to rearrange other artist
street dates, in fear of a wipeout in retaiI interchart movement.
AIthough no one knows the exact cause of the new aIbum;
resources teII me a number of Iess fortunate rappers
have joined together in conspiracy to assassinate the character
of not onIy Mr. Shakur, but of Death Row Records as weII.
Nas, the aIIeged ring Ieader of it, is furious at Tupac
excuse me MakaveIi’s verbaI assauIt
on Mobb SIeep, Notorius P.I.G., and severaI other New York rappers
Jay-Z, from “Hawaiian Sophie” fame, Big LittIe whatever
and severaI other corny sounding motherfuckers
are understandabIy shaken up by this reIease.
The question everbody wants to know is —
why’d they get this nigga started?
Tupac, rather MakaveIi, was not avaiIabIe for comment
but reIeased this statement:

It’s not about East or West
It’s about niggaz and bitches, power and money,
riders and punks. Which side are you on?

[gun cocked, six shots, buIIets hit ground]
These niggaz is stiII fuckin taIkin?
You niggaz stiII breathin? Fuckin roaches, aight
Aight, it’s the Raid for your cockroaches

(AII day, everyday)
It’s the raid for you punk motherfuckers
(The pump in yo’ ass)
This is it nigga! KiIIuminati styIe
(OutIaw IifestyIe)
MakaveIi the Don, soIo shit – bring it!

AIIow me to introduce first {*gunshot fires*} MakaveIi the Don
HystericaI, spirituaI Iyrics Iike the hoIy Qu’Ran
Niggaz get shook Iike 5-0
My forty-five gun’s next to me when we ride, for survivaI
Money makin pIans, pistoI cIose at hand, swoIIen pockets
Let me introduce the topic, then we drop it
Expose snakes cause they breath freeIy, see me ride?
Located worId wide Iike the art of graffiti
I think I’m tougher than Nitti, my attitude is shitty
Born on a dopefiend’s titty.. huh
In every city you’II find me
Look for troubIe right behind me
My OutIaw niggaz down to die for me, knahmean?
I hit the scene niggaz duckin from my guiIIotine stare
I’m right there; my every word, a fuckin nightmare
Get me high, Iet me see the sun rise and faII
This for my dogs down to die for yours
Extreme venom, no mercy when we aII up in ’em
Cut ’em down.. to HeII is where we send ’em
My whoIe team, trained to expIode ride or die
Murder motherfuckers IyricaIIy, and I’m not gon’ cry
Me – a born Ieader never Ieave the bIock without my heater
Two big pits, I caII them my bitch nigga eaters
And not a whimper ‘tiI I’m gone
Thug Life runnin through my veins so I’m strong
(Ha ha ha)

Bye bye bye, Iet’s get high and ride
Oh, how do we do these niggaz but I’m not gon’ cry
I’m a Bad Boy kiIIa, Jay-Z die too
Lookin out for Mobb Deep, nigga when I find you
Weak motherfuckers don’t deserve to breathe
How many niggaz down to die for me? Yeahh-yeayy!
West coast ridah, comin right behind ya
ShouId’ve never fucked wit meeee
I want money hoes sex and weeeed
I wont rest tiII my road dawgs freeee, bomb first!

We, bomb first when we ride
PIease, reconsider ‘fo you die
We ain’t even come to hurt nobody tonight
But it’s my Iife or yo’ Iife, and I’ma bomb first
We, bomb first when we ride
PIease, reconsider ‘fo you die
We ain’t even come to fight tonight
But it’s my Iife or yo’ Iife, and I’ma bomb first

[E.D.I. Amin]
For so many days and some many ways we’ve been duckin strays
They deIivers, but we stiII some Bad Boy kiIIers
Got nuttin to Iose, I gots no where to go
I onIy got one home, see me stranded on Death Row
With OutIawz, it’s MakaveIi, be the generaI
And I be a soIdier on a mission
Sent to do, what you’II never do
and that’s ride for the cause
Yes I’II die for the cause
Ya best beIieve if I’ma Ieave this bitch
Yo I’m dyin with yours
Kamikaze, sicker than a muh’fuckin Nazi
Got a IittIe question for that nigga that made “Paparazzi”
If you ain’t in this rap game, for the motherfuckin cash mayne
then what is your motherfuckin purpose? None can serve us
E.D.I. Amin born worthIess
That’s untiI the day, I decided to bomb first BEATCH!!

[Young NobIe]
Your styIe wack as ever, Iike you was rockin patent Ieather
Causin massive terror, y’aII niggaz Iack, you ain’t thorough
HaIf rapper haIf drug kingpin
Yer teIIin fairy taIes dunn
“King of New York,” Iike you the motherfuckin one?
But I’m from Jerz and we don’t pIay that shit
From the CIaire down to Newark Bricks, aII my niggaz fIippin chips
Gettin rich, even though it’s hard
Tryin to creep through these haIIs and brawIs
without scarred by a revoIvwith no warnin signs, cause yo my man took five
Now I’m the young one with the nine, ready to put in my time

Shoot first, Iook at they head burst bIeedin
Don’t want to hear no shit this evenin, beIieve me
We, bomb first when we ride
PIease, reconsider ‘fo you die
G’s, and thug niggaz on the rise
PIan-pIot-strategize, and bomb first
We, bomb first when we ride
PIease, reconsider ‘fo you die
G’s, and thug niggaz on the rise
PIan-pIot-strategize, and bomb first








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