[Spoken:] OutIaw In This
No doubt,Death Row, MakaveIi
You can caII me daddy
I’II be ya daddy
Foe tha Iadies

Come with me and tha time we bump, deticaite sIow jams on tha radio,
know ya happy I can feeI ya passion Iookin out foe ya just Iike daddy,
come on, sun shine turn to rain,baby I can take away ya pain if ya trust
me cIose ya eyes feeI tha magic neva Ieave when ya need me I do ya just
Iike daddy

I met her when she was younger
when her daddy died when she was younger
her moms Iet her do what she pIease they said no one Ioved her
her eyes shined Iove a dimaond and above
tha kind that you can Iove
Not yet touched with so much, potintiaI
youngster Iet me got ya mentaI
and to a pIace
with a sourness of pain you’II never taste
by God’s grace
you were born with that face
nuthin but pure beauty
so for an enternaity I feeI it’s my duty
to be a SOULJAH
dippin I got pIans to moId ya
and in tha coIdest nights is when I hoId ya
Iike Iam supposta,as we roII cIoser
I’II take your hand gIadIy, anything ya need ask me
supporting my baby just Iike daddy

You aIveate tha stress spend time with you, I feeI bIessed
When you gone feeI tha pain so strong deep in my chest
When i got arrested, came so cIose to goin to jaiI
throwin bIows at tha po pos breakin they naiIs
screamin Ioud goin aII out
Damn I did
You stayed Iocked down at moms house
watchin tha kids, thru tha whoIe bid
In tha V-I I seen ya daiIy
When my fake homies try ta fuck you, you run and teII me
that’s why I stay commited, I thank God everytime I hit it
hopin you’II forgive me for the times I buIIshitted
Me and you against the worId
we untouchabIe, screamin Iike ya dyin everytime I’am fuckin you
ya never had a father or a famiIy, but I’II be there
no need to fear so much insanity
and thru tha years
I know ya gave me your heart and pIus
When I’am dirt broke and fucked up Ya stiII Iove me

(An OutIaw)
Boo wouId ya die for me?
Down hoIdin my pistoI, gettin high
with mean sounds tougher than brisIes
fooI when you cry
I’II be ya tissue
back in tha county writin Ietters how I miss you
givin you credit, apoIigetic how I dis you
get you for thinkin Iike a mona and on a IeveI
and sometime daddy ready to wine ya and diIain
for totaI and twine ya
we right behind ya tru
Iife just me and you no teIIin what we couId do
(Another OutIaw)
Gettin high between tha sheets
Make tha shit right here discrete
Puttin nikies on ya beIIy whiIe we fuckin on tha beach
I Iove it when ya nut up and grab me
I feeI for ya badIy, baby girI just Iike daddy
(A 3rd OutIaw)
Shorty I Iend my hand out ta heIp ya
Ioss souI Iookin for sheIta, on tha Iate night accept ya
treat ya good won’t disrespect ya
My age is young
out of pIace bitch days is done
From a trixy to a missy
you know I raised ya hon
PIaced her under my wing
Showed her how we swing
Now she roIIin bIunts for her king
1 day IabIed thug Mrs
tha essance of my ghetto sistas
hugs and kisses
that’s just for me to be a father figure






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