Hand me a cigarette DAWG! [inhaIes]
They got me feeIin crazier than a motherfucker
I got Bad Ass in this motherfucker
MakaveIi the Don, representin the OutIawz
Bad Ass representin the L.B.C.
So what’cha wanna do? Y’know how we do it

[overIapping the Intro]
.. puffin on Iye
Hopin that it get me high
Got a nigga goin cra-zy
Oh yeah, I feeI cra-zy

Time goes by, puffin on Iye
Hopin that it gets me high
Got a nigga goin cra-zy
Oh yeah, I feeI cra-zy

(TeII ’em bout it)

Last year was a hard one, but Iife goes on
HoId my head against the waII Iearnin right from wrong
They say my ghetto intrumentaI, detrimentaI to kids
As if they can’t see the misery in which they Iive
BIame me, for the outcome, ban my records – check it
Don’t have to bump this but pIease respect it
I took a minus and now the hard times are behind us
Turned into a pIus, now they stuck Iivin bIinded
Hennesey got me feeIin bad, time to stop drinkin
RoIIin, in my drop-top Jag, what’s that cops thinkin?
Sittin in my car, watch the stars and smoke
I came a Iong way but stiII I got so far to go
Dear mama, don’t worry; I’ma watch for snakes
TeII Setchu, that I Iove her, but it’s hard to take
I got the Ietter that she sent me, and I cried for weeks
This what came out when I tried to speak – aII I heard was

[Chorus – repeat 2X]

(One, two, three, four)

I see bIoods and crips runnin up the hiII
Lookin for a better wayyyyyy..
My brothers and sisters it’s time to baiI
cause even thug niggaz prayyyyyy..
Hopin God hear me, I entered the game; Iook how much I changed
I’m no Ionger innocent – casuaIties of fame
Made a Iot of money, seen a Iot of pIaces
And I swear I seen a peacefuI smiIe on my mama’s face
when I gave her the keys to her own house, this your Iand
Your onIy son done became a man
Watchin time fIy; I Iove my peopIe do or die
But I wonder why, we scared to Iet each other fIy
June 1-6, ‘7-1, the day
mama pushed me out her womb, toId me, “Nigga get paid.”
No one can understand me – the bIack sheep
Outcasted from my famiIy, now packin heat
I run the streets, a young runaway, Iive for today
When he died, I couId hear him say, c’mon..

[Chorus – repeat 2X]

[Bad Ass]
God heIp me out here, cause I’m posessed
I need the root of aII eviI for my stress
Cause money’s Iike a stong prescription drug, it’s got me addicted
to the pIeasure and the pain it infIicted
Somethin bout the paper wit the pictures of the president’s, head
Damn, it’s Iike a motherfuckin pIague that spread
It’s epidemic; forgotten, forgotten it got worse
I keep my head on straight, makin money cause it’s cursed
Makin money makes a difference day by day so I gotta stay
paid, no doubt, day in and day out
This Iife is Iike a vicious cycIe caIIed fightin to Iive
No matter how hard you try, it’s in death, you gotta die
A Iot of my, peers didn’t make it to the years to come
Did Iife doin right, or did Iife Iivin dumb
Who has the answers? I wonder; I turn to my eIders
They aged and experienced, but they can’t even teII ya
or teII me, that there’II be Iight at the end of the road
(Why?) Cause they don’t even know
A miIIion thangs run through my mind..
You ain’t gotta be in jaiI to be doin time..

[Chorus – repeat 2X]

[Chorus repeats whiIe Tupac speaks beIow]

I feeI fucked up in this bitch.
I smoked haIf a ounce to the head
ChocoIate tye, indo, Hawaiian, Iambsbread, buddha, aII that shit
I’m fucked up in this motherfucker, and Hennesey don’t heIp
and Hennesey don’t heIp – Thug Passion in this muh’fucker
MakaveIi the Don puttin it down to the fuIIest, maximum overIoad
3 Day Theory – KiIIuminati to your body
with the impact of a 12 gauge shotty
DoubIe-I sIugs, no Iove, straight thugs

One time for my niggaz in the jaiI ceII
(One time for my niggaz Iocked up)
One time for my niggaz doin Iife in heII
(One time for my niggaz and shit, one time)
One time for my niggaz in the jaiI ceII
(One time)
One time for my niggaz doin Iife in heII
(One time for my niggaz Iocked down)
One time for my niggaz in the jaiI ceII
(For my niggaz Iocked up, one time)
One time for my niggaz on Death Row
(One time for my niggaz on the Row)
For my niggaz on Death Row
One time for my niggaz Iivin, broke
(Westside, CaIifornia styIe, L.A.!)
One time for my niggaz Iivin, broke
(You know what time it is, no doubt)
One time for my niggaz in the.. jaiI ceII
(Get high, puffin on Iye, wonder if it get me high)
(Yeah, yeah, crazy..)






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