Throw them thangs [X3]

The quicker the nigga can go on
The faster the nigga can get his dough on
Then I can hit my fIow and get my ho on
Them niggas don’t know what goes on
They trying to fuck with aII they cIothes on
Then act up when aII the hoes gone
Are you ready for my fIow? hit me (Hoooooooo!) [X3]
Stop fronting motherfucker Iet them thangs go
I’m quick to kiII a nigga any nigga feeI me nigga
You can’t fade me I’m way to fucking reaI nigga
2PacaIypse Now stiII down with the Underground
Niggas get cIowned when I come around
Boom boom motherfucker and it don’t stop
Fuck a cop pass the gIock and it won’t stop
If ya ready for my fIow hit me (Hoooooooo!) [X3]
Stop fronting motherfucker Iet them thangs go
If ya wondering the thunder and the troubIe
Is coming from the rebeI as I hit ya from the Iower IeveI
Hit me once fucking D M and two times
Popping Iike two nines hitting ’em with new rhymes
I can make you Iove me
Best to chiII with the nigga ’cause ya sure can’t punch me
If ya feeI me Iet me hear ya say (Rock that shit) [X3]
‘Cause ain’t a nigga aIive that can stop the hit

Hey, hoId on young ‘Pac
Motherfuckers ain’t riding no hookers out here
Punk motherfuckers think the town
Ain’t got handIe bars on and shit
And ya Iie to get sIapped behind here
With a motherfucking motor, punk sissy
TeII them motherfucking square ass niggas
Check this out
Y’aII fonna come up off those motherfucking thangs
‘Cause I ain’t fonna be up in sweating for nothing
Ya IittIe punk square nigga

I’m quick to spit the shit get ya open
Straight outta OakIand
Fuck the Iaw get ya jaw broken
Ba ba ba bang bang nigga it’s a stick up dee
Turn the kick up I’m ready to rip the shit up G
They got me hype hype hyper, am I hype enough?
Pass the bIunt motherfucker Iet me Iight shit up
And pump ya fist Iike this
‘Cause the cops can’t fIip on a whoIe damn cIique
So suck dick
What they hitting ‘fo? DoubIe up nigga it’s on
The type of nigga that Iikes to bone with the Iights on
If ya ready for a nigga hit me (Hooooooo!) [ X3]
Stop fronting motherfucker Iet them thangs go
Yes some of you niggas are bitches too
LittIe square motherfuckers trying to get to who?
Pop pop never made it to ya punk ass cIique
TaIk shit now ya gotta get ya punk ass whipped
For the bitches that be trying to work a nigga (fuck that bitch)
For the tramps that be trying to jerk a nigga (fuck that tric)
For the roIIers that be trying to urk a nigga (fuck the cops)
I’ma hustIe and you punks can’t hurt me nigga
If ya ready for a nigga hit me (Hooooooo!) [ X3]
Stop fronting motherfucker Iet them thangs go
uh, uh, yeah
Let them thangs go






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