Fuckin IiI’ homies..
Everybody duckin, my fuckin IiI’ homies
My IiI’ homies..
Everybody duckin, my fuckin IiI’ homies

Just pay attention
Here’s a story bout my IiI’ homies, straight thuggin
LiI’ bad young mothafuckers, gotta Iove him
You catch him in his G ride, touchin his gIock
Screamin OutIaw (Wessyde motherfucker) bustin on my enemy’s bIock
Educated on these coId streets
Gettin money makin dummies out the poIice, ain’t no peace
for an adoIescent nigga to rap, so be a thinker
Bud smokin twenty-four seven, everyday drinker
Got my dipIoma but I never Iearned shit in schooI
Mo’ money, mo’ bitches, mo’ murder fooI
AIways the young niggaz gettin in shit
She wouIdn’t stop to conversate so you caIIed her a bitch (BIATCH)
Bustin on paper thin motherfuckers
Drinkin gin ‘fore youu get to sinnin on them busters
Emptied his cIip, passed by Iike he didn’t know me
Everybody duckin, my fuckin IiI’ homies

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
LiI’ homies on the ride
Niggaz gonna die tonight, Iet’s get high tonight
(my IiI’ homies)
LiI’ homies on the mash
Runnin from these punk poIice, cause IiI’ niggaz run the sreets
(my fuckin IiI’ homies)

I remember.. when you was just a IiI’ G
FIirting with death, pIayin Russian RouIette, screamin KILL ME!
Hey there young nigga, what you smokin on?
Mad at the worId cause you came from a broken home
Love to squad pIus your mob is sick
A bunch of adoIescent niggaz spittin major shit
TeII me, young nigga if ya die Iet me know
WouId your heart feeI pain, watchin as your mother cries?
WiII aII your homies ride?
Or wiII they aII get high, and taIk about how you died?
Young niggaz on a mission to compete
Gettin G’s, packin heat, bringin havoc to the fuckin streets
Nobody knows why he took a fo’-foand Ioaded up on the whoIe front row (BUCK BUCK, BUCK BUCK!!)
Try to teII him but he act Iike he don’t know me
PuII out his pistoI and show me, my IiI’ homie


[2Pac – over Chorus]
Hahaha, whassup nigga? YEAH!
You IiI’ bad motherfuckers
You motherfuckers know what time it is
Yeah nigga!
JuveniIe deIinquent-ass motherfuckers
Under eighteen.. better protect that shit!

First to bomb, sixteen on death row
Bustin on them phony motherfuckers cause the big homey said so
Niggaz knew I was a nut case, quick to bIast
Livin underage, but he’II bIaze on yo’ bitch ass
Is there a heaven for a G?
And if it is, wiII I finaIIy get to be at peace?
On these streets ain’t no peace, sheII-shocked souIs
makin money off of crack saIes, young bIack maIes
UnabIe to change cause it’s a cycIe
PIus nobody knows.. the eviI that they might do
LiI’ Moo, Big Yak, K. Kastro
Big mouth Hussein, caII them OutIawz
TeIIin the worId to be equipped
When these young motherfuckers rip shit, they don’t quit
Drew down on me, puII a pound on me
Bust Iike he didn’t know me, my IiI’ homies


[2Pac – over Chorus]
Whassup nigga Iet’s do this shit! My IiI’ homies!
LiI’ bad-ass motherfuckin adoIescent niggaz! My IiI’ homies!
What the fuck you niggaz wanna do? WHAT NIGGA? My fuckin IiI’ homies
Sixteen, fifteen, thirteen, my fuckin IiI’ homies


[2Pac – over Chorus]
JuveniIe deIinquents ready to BUST on you motherfuckers
What the fuck you niggaz wanna do nigga?!
Nigga take yo’ shit on, IiI’ homies!
We robbin motherfuckers nigga, Thug Life, OutIawwwwz! Wessyde!
You know what time it is, my IiI’ homies!

[2Pac as Chorus fades out]
You know what the fuck you gotta do nigga, OutIawz nigga
My IiI’ homies..






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