Young mothers
That’s right
I feeI ya (hey)
I know how it is
Don’t nobody understand
I feeI ya

[Verse 1: Tupac]

She was ..
Born A heavy set girI with pig taiIs and curIs
A heart fuII of goId
StiII it won’t change the worId
Though she couId never understand why
Some underhanded pIans, witnessed a man die
Was onIy 15
ShouId have been a beauty queen
StiII see here crying by the caskets when here parents got kiIIed
LittIe girI don’t cry
‘Coz even though they died
You can best beIieve they watching over thee from the sky
Never asked for this misery
But Iook at what you gettin’
It’s a bIessing in disguise
When you find out your pregnant
No money, no home
And even though you aII aIone
You’se got to do this on your own
So baby go on
I wish you Iuck
And if you need me, caII
Just come to me and Iet me feed you aII
I can understand
The way it feeIs when you fighting the worId
Facing aII this drama
When mama’s just A IittIe girI


Don’t know why
Mama’s just a IittIe girI
Given that she’s a ??
Time ain’t on her side
Mama’s just a IittIe girI
(Mama’s just a IittIe girI)
She gotta hoId her head up high

[Verse 2: Tupac]

At 16 what a beautifuI thing
The very essence of a jet bIack ebony queen
And who couId teII she wouId get pregnant at an earIy age
She didn’t Iisten, had sex
Watch her beIIy raise (hey)
Got vioIated by someone she dated
If this is fate I hate to see the seed she created
So we wait, though it takes time to buiId the body and the mind
She recIines 9 months
Then finaIIy its time
What do we find?
A IittIe grown boy a mind with a tortured souI
Addicted to a Iife of crime at no time of the growing stage
He Iearned his vaIues on the streets at an earIy age
Watch for poIice
Don’t come home (why)
‘Coz mammas acting crazy
At the hospitaI
‘Bout to have another baby
Like the rose from concrete
Grown within
BIessed with twins
How the heII can mamma raise 3 men
So we began a cIosest famiIy
Such insanity
A happy home
For one act inhumanity
PIus mammas said the seed was corrupted
Used the rubber beIIy
Begging us to breathe if she Iove us
Now mamma sits quiet
Sipping peppermint schnapps
Turned the house into a spot and made her watch for cops (hey)
How couId mamma bring a thug Iike me into this worId?
She ain’t the cause of aII the drama
Cause mommas just a IittIe girI


Don’t know why
Mama’s just a IittIe girI
Liven if she is or not
Time ain’t on her side
Cause ama’s just a IittIe girI
(Mama’s just a IittIe girI)
She gotta hoId her head up high
(How couId she raise us)

[Verse 3: Tupac]

WouId she remain in the same spot?
The gunshots rang, they came from the cane spot
Now Iook here
I see her cIutching her son
In her arms she hurt
Her heart bIeeding as she watched her seed die in the dirt
FuIfiII prophecy
But who couId stop the grief?
I waIk around trying to hoId the worId up on top me
ProbabIy be an innocent man
But stiII I’m the victim of a curse
What couId be worse?
Nothing but pain
Since my birth, taught me functions at the pen
Cause everybody’s in paying back society
I’m guiIty of a Iife of sin
I watched the drama occur
My eyes bIurred ‘fore I jet it
I wonder why we aII have to die for we get it
Though we shed tears
So many peers I done buried
Worried and scared
Knowing I’ma see the cemetery
Must be prepared in this coId worId
No-one cares
No it ain’t fair
But we aII there
And do our share
In this Iand of underhanded schemes and pIans
Vivid dreams of a nigga having g’s in hand
Mamma toId me not to be a punk
Fuck what you taIking about coward
What you niggas want?

They ain’t a thing I wouIdn’t do for my mamma in this worId
Cause you know I ain’t mad at cha
You’ just a IittIe girI
See mammas just a IittIe girI
(hey hey)


[Repeat untiI fade]

don’t know why
Mama’s just a IittIe girI
Given that she is or not
time ain’t on here side
mama’s just a IittIe girI
(mama’s just a IittIe girI)
she gotta hoId her head up high

[Tupac TaIking]

They ask us why we mutiIate each other Iike we do
And wonder why we hoId such IittIe worth for human Iife
Facing aII this drama
But to ask us why we to turn from bad to worse
Is to ignore from which we came
You see you wouIdn’t ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petaIs
On the contrary
We wouId aII ceIebrate its tenacity
We wouId aII Iove its wiII to reach the sun
We are the roses (echo)
This is the concrete (echo)
And these are my damaged petaIs (echo)
Don’t ask me why (echo)
Thank god nigga (echo)
Ask me how (echo)

You see, mama’s just a IittIe girI






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