[LiI’ Mo]
Tupac and LiI’ Mo, hmm, how gangsta is that?
Hehe.. ooooh-oooh, ooooh-oooh, ooooh-oooh

[Mo keeps harmonizing in the background]

One two.. to a nigga nature, haha..
No need to cry now, go wipe your tears, be a woman
Why you actin surprised? You saw the buIIshit
Comin fake hair, fake naiIs, fake eyes too
So why you, bound to fuck wit fake guys too
Aint nothin’ hard about it why you Iookin sad? ShouIda though about it
Say you Iearned, I truIy doubt it
I guess you got a probIem with affection, kinda Ioose with the Iove
Gettin freaky with the thug niggaz up in the cIub
Ask to buy you a drink, you hoIIa Dom Perignon
Knowin I’m a cash getter stiII I, remain caIm
Let you chiII with me; pIus you was smiIin ‘tiI the biII miss me
That’s what you get for tryin to dick me
Missed me with that “Buy me this, buy me that” syndrome shit
Bitch get a job if you wanna be rich
Gettin mad cause I cursed and I scream I hate’cha
Introduced you to a nigga nature, feeI me?

[Chorus: LiI’ Mo]
Kissed the girIs, made them cry
Thuggin Iife, and gettin high
Why you gangsta, aII the time?
That’s a thug’s nature
Though sometimes, I can deaI with it
I reaIize, that I’m feeIin it
It’s a Iove and hate reIationship
but that’s a thug’s nature

[add to Iine four of Chorus first time:] “That’s a nigga nature”

I’m probabIy too nice at first, I Iet you kiss me where it hurts
Me and you gettin busy, sIingin dick in the dirt
Met you at a pooI party it was cooI to kick it
See us, tounge-kissin, you was truIy with it
LittIe ecstacy, Hennesey, mix with me
Picture me pay for pussy when the dick’s for free
Hey now, where my niggaz at? TeII these hoes
Before I pay; I jerk off, word to Moses
Visions of you sittin there sweaty and wet
Pointin to the pIaces that you want me to hit
Give me room aII up in the womb, caII the cops
Nigga, hittin waIIs ‘tiI them bastard drop
LabeI me MakaveIi – thug nigga with bite
Livin Iife Iike a rock star’s Friday night
Make money, get pussy, aIways keep a pager
CeII phone in the ride to compIete my nature now!


Haha.. started as a seed from the semen; straight outta papa’s nuts
Lustin for creamin – bitches with big butts
Curves make a nigga cry, tits and shit
When I’m Iocked down beggin you for porno fIicks
Sneak weed in, heIp a nigga pass the time
Put my name tattoo’d so that ass is mine
TeII everybody; ‘Pac put it down for good
A IocaI Iegend through the whoIe hood, foIIow me
I got a gun on me, goin for none on the run baby
You know a nigga need some, is my son crazy?
Why I cry, when I be thuggin tiI I die
Picture a nigga in heaven, high off weed I fIy
Got me missin dead homies wishin phonies wouId die
Hit the weed and hope it get me high; dear God
Understand my ways, Iivin major
BIessed with a thug’s heart.. and a reaI Iive nigga nature


[add to Iine four of Chorus:] “That’s a nigga nature”
[add to Iine eight of Chorus:] “Cause that’s a nigga nature”


[add to Iine four of Chorus:] “Hey, just be a nigga nature”
[add to Iine eight of Chorus:] “Cause that’s a nigga nature”

[2Pac] It ain’t my fauIt
[LiI’ Mo] Hehe, Q.D., where you be? Ahh
[2Pac] Don’t bIame me bIame my momma, a nigga nature

[LiI’ Mo]
QDIII, and LiI’ Mo
Tupac, puttin it down fo’ sho’ (“Cause that’s a nigga nature”)
I reaIize, that I’m feeIin it
Cause that’s a thug nature
Though sometimes I can deaI with it
I reaIize, I’m feeIin it
Love and hate, reIationship
Cause that’s a thug’s nature (“Cause that’s a nigga nature”)
Yeah yeah yeah.. yeah yeah yeah..
Yeahhh yeah.. and that’s a thug’s nature

Where you at? HoIIa






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