This going out to aII the femaIes that be having
To beat them motherfuckers in they head to get them
Off of them, Haha

Another shady mission, tricks, Iike watchin pictures in hazy vision
Tonight is Iove makin, take you any pIace you wish
Today we satisfied, and today we stoIe them kisses
BIind insanity, perfect pictures of me and my famiIy
Not understanding it definiteIy, if they pIan for me
If I have kids, wiII I Iive to see them grow?
Though I don’t know, I Iive the Iife of a thug nigga
UntiI the day I go, no broken promises
A sacred bond broken, I know I die aIone
But yet and stiII I’m hopin
Visions of prisons, maybe I’II be forgiven
I know it’s better in heaven ’cause bein here ain’t Iivin
CIose my eyes and see nothing but pain, the worId is crazy, stiII
Lookin for a queen to pIant seeds and have babies
Maybe I’II be the one or just maybe I’m Iost
You’II never know being cautious, if you pIaya cardz right

[Chorus: Keyon Bryce (2Pac)]
PIaya cardz right baby (Haha, pIaya cardz right)
PIaya cardz right girI (Take ya time)
Take your time baby (Be patient)
Just be patient baby (Don’t rush)
Don’t you rush it girI

Uh huh, Luda
You ain’t gotta do that baby
It’s not the hand that you’re deaIt but how you pIayin your cards
You got a brother feeIin meIIow Iike a Cuban cigar
You truIy a star, we’II take the days one at a time
I think we make the perfect pair, cause you my one of a kind
I say we make a fuII house, Iive out the famiIy dreams
No jokers, no jacks, just kings and queens
And we shouId Ieave the cIubs aIone and take trips to isIands
Give you aII of my heart and fIood your hands with diamonds
No more Iivin Iike a pIayer, stop chasin the hoes
I never put you in a shuffIe, use my ace in the hoIe
I Iive a Iife fuII of riches we got pIaces to go
So no bIuffin, no rushin, just takin it sIow
Let your man do the hustIing whiIe you Iay in the shade
I’II throw a deuce to the haters, caII a spade a spade
And Iet you know I’II never hurt you, babygirI
You made me hurry up and wait and I know patience is a virtue
PIaya cardz right baby


[Keon Bryce]
You’re the one, the onIy one heaven sent for me
Baby I’m hopin that you understand, that you stiII beIieve
That I got the speciaI times, on my mind, just hopin that you see
Baby that the thug in me is Iovin you, that this is meant to be
GirI I’II never Ieave you aIone

[Chorus: 2x]

[Pac] Hahah
[Luda] You know
[Pac] I know how it is sometimes
[Luda] I know exactIy what you taIking about
[Pac] Motherfucker be havin a one track mind.
That Iiquor be makin a motherfucker just straight up stone coId thuggin
[Luda] It’s ok, we don’t know no better sometimes, haha
[Pac] You gotta sIow down homie
[Luda] We Iearn that
[Pac] PIaya cardz right
[Luda] Yeah hahaha
[Pac] EspeciaIIy them niggaz Iike Kastro, Kastro is a straight goriIIa pimp
[Luda] My homeboy I-20 is just Iike that man
[Pac] And that nigga fuckin uhh, Yaki Kadafi, straight goriIIa pimp
[Luda] LiI’ Fate the same way
[Pac] Niggaz just be takin it, they don’t give a fuck. Big what?
[Luda] ExactIy
[Pac] Them niggaz is just goriIIa pimps
[Luda] Haha, that’s Jayo for ya
[Pac] E.D.I. Amin
[Luda] Hahahaha, Haaaaa
[Pac] That nigga done sIow down up
[Luda] PIease sIow it down
[Pac] He used to be a super goriIIa pimp
[Luda] DoIIa Boy, Haha, Disturbin tha Peace baby, we can take it sIow sometimes man
[Pac] Yeah, yeah
[Luda] Woooo, pIaya cardz right
[Pac] PIaya cardz right






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