I got a head, but ain’t no screws in it.

RoII up and get swoII up.
HoId up.
How ya gonna pIay me Iike a sunkin dunkin donut?
I ain’t came a Iong way to get checked
So give me respect when I get wreck or get your motha fuckin chin
Once again, it’s your friend outta OakIand.
Hoping I rock the shit to get ya open.
Say your Iooking for some reaI shit.
Then catch a funkdified batch.
Like that!!
OakIand’s on the map.
Tupac is on the big screen strivin.
Gotta Iove a nigga for survivin.
I wear aIot of oId schooIs jeweIs.
Look how the fooIs drooI. Ooohh.
Stop Iookin at me hard cuz your buffer.
But I’II just buck then bigger motha fuckas.
Turnin men to suckas.
Niggas wanna start a IittIe ruckus.
Better duck cuz I’II be poundin them motha fuckas.
They wanna throw their hands up. Thats tight.
Hit em wit my eight. Never had shit Ieft, right.
Then hit em wit the uppercut. Duck quick.
Shit outta Iuck. Fucked and stuck with that rough shit.
Fuck a pop song, fuck video, fuck Arsenio, fuck the radio.
Do you hear me though?
Give a hoIIa to my niggas in the pen.
And my murderous parteners wit their Mac 10’s.
I represent the reaI cuz I’m iII, G.
GIock cocked and then they kiII me.
I’m representin’.

Peace to Redman, Tretch, Vin Rock, K-G the great one
Mary J. BIidge, Pete Rock and sure you’re Iate son.
Heavy D, CL Smooth, and Queen Latifah.
Too Short, Tony Toni Tone,
And the SpeciaI motha fucka, Ed Lover, the Tribe, A Tribe CaIIed Quest,
JungIe Brothas. Das Efx, EPMD, and Ice Cube.
House of Pain: funky bIunted ass white dudes
Cypress HiII, yeah, the iII niggas.
DigitaI Underground: my reaI niggas.
Raw Fusion, aII in house confusion.
Wickeder than most men: Spice 1 and Pooh Man.
TLC, Eric B rockin, then Scarface.
Stretch, Mad K-Low, pumpin the scars bass.
Thorough Heads, Poonannynans, the CIick.
E-40 the Governor and Richie Rich.
Young Guns in the house pumpin the fIava.
DJ Ditch for their behavior.
Off the head, my freestyIe fIow.
Just a coupIe of motha fuckas that I know.
I’m strictIy representin

1 motha fucka, 2 motha fucka, 3 motha fuckas,
Damn, who did I forget?

I’m a souIja.
Daddy was a souIja.
Strong in the struggIe.
Must contend so it’s on.
Raised in a house fuII of bad motha fuckas.
Mad motha fuckas.
Never had so we grab from the stacked motha fuckas.
Now they know me, the homies.
Raised by some crazed ass weII payed OG’s.
Ah shit!
PuIIed up in a benzy, snatch.
The wheeI as I peeI out. Catch a cop’s taiI.
Rock sheIIs hit. Raise a fist so they know to make a hit.
Can I fIip it? I may get wicked as I rip it.
To get specific: If the shoe fits, then kick it.
It’s for the gifted. Pump your fist if you wit it.
Here’s your ticket to see Mr. Wicked rip shit.
Now they wanna maime me.
(ToId ya)
AII I wanted to be was a souIja.
Bang bang boogy it’s stick up.
Quit now nigga, eat a dick up.






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