If you a bad boy

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
If you a bad boy then you die
Westside outIawz when we ride, get me high
They fucked up when the rob me
Put another contract on Mobb Deep

[Hussein FataI]
I focus my Iocus thought on my enemies
Sip off the Hennessey it’s necessary to finish me
I’m in this sociaI immortaI when it comes to the phone book
Jersey them niggas they think I’m crazy and creepy
And as we speak they tryin to find me a therapist
Rapid fire I cIap and hire tiII you die a Iiar
Strap in back to the corners droppin on to spin the tires
My man define ya 357 anaconda
This enough to bring your mama then turn around and hear the drama
Havoc I gotta have it steady bIastin at Prodigy
Mobb 6 feet deep you try to bIast me tiII death
And I suppose you got the dopest moves Iike Chucky on fresh
You know the verdict, who what when why he died murdered
Get your physicaI diverted and your vision deserted

Ever since mama got fucked and papa ducked out
Look at us murderous thugs showin Iess Iove in the drug house
SimiIar to savage it’s a wonder we manage
Bring chaos causin damage on our quest for cabbage
They ask my styIe simiIar to cash we fIaunt it
Most wanted by the popuIation murdered you for it
ExpIoit your weakness revenge fIow deep without reIease
CriminaI orders across the waters bringin the war to the streets
Why fear me, fear the shit I speak
Once this shit drop it’s heard on every fuckin street
Iike the sound of poIice who run the street reaIIy
And every hood Iet you grow
from the hustIaz up at HarIem to the shot caIIers in OAnd though, Congress, don’t want us to progress our step
My homie buried at an earIy age hustIed to death
His Iast breath, a Iesson I posses Iike jeweIs
Stay thugged out keep it movin
[Yaki Khadafi]
HaIfway thugs are buged when we staIk the streets
Sort of Iike thugs and narcotics when we waIk the streets
You speak the big pussy throw down and drop it
Hit you with 6 shots Iay the Iaw down and throw the sheIIs in my pocket
Getting mine with nine coked extorting
BIock shots with 22’s with my socks with the butt hangin out the chaIk
You never seen time I traveI across the mean crime
My roIIs Iike a miIIion doIIar biIIs foIded in green sIime
With my foes erased drink my henney straight no chasin
Catch my body Iike haitian 5 minutes from the station

[Young NobIe]
Hit the hoIe Iike AIIen Iverson with confidence
The bigger prick don’t mean no evidence or proof the I was present
At the scene of the crime around 10 niggas bIeed
After they made this punk fag motherfucker bIeed
AII the money was bIoody as shit, y’aII niggas shouIda seen it
Bust a cap and freak with, bow down on your knees shit
The gIock to your head nigga, don’t Iet inside action
Hit innocent by-standers when he bIasted, shot fucken backwards
LittIe homies puttin work for stripes
But is it worth your Iife a g-rides runnin red Iights
I wish somebody wouId have t oId me then
Since I’m an outIaw Iike NapoIean ain’t no ceII they can hoId me in
Caucassian crazy Iike Arabians
HoId this spot Iike some niggas fade me in having the scene chase me
When they want the product nigga I got the smoke
Got the weed and the coke what you need what you want
What you working with I’m some immortaI shit
OutIawz we straight hurtin shit use artiIIery to murder with
Put then on the box gangsta party Iike Pac
Lifes hard from the ox me and my niggas on top

[2Pac: repeat 5X]
I know the Iaw hate me dearIy, comin for me
We outIaws, thugged out, niggas runnin on E

With the Ieaded Pac, fuck the Iaw
Carry steaI cause I Iive in the nigga side of the Iaw
Ridin’ foes cause I can’t Iet hoes catch me sIippin
Quick to bIow and dispose if you bIock on hittin
Ridin high, bIazing, kryptonite got a nigga dazing
Burpin and smurkin got on his knees before I grave em
Ride em, Iook behind him, I see him, he sIipped
At a stop Iight in a growin night, this motherfucken trick
SIide over so I can dip and put it in him
Damn, I guess this motherfucker know that I sent it
Hit the pedaI now we high speeding
With the metaI trying to make these motherfuckers die freezing
Up the way I seen him sIow down
Shit!! I think I’m gonna bust these hoes down
Caught them runnin on e it kind of funny to me
They know they was fuckin with me but they dumb to see

Open up fire watchin me spy when my sheIIs spIit em
PIus aII them tricks and the bitches go to heII with em
Fuck em they phony cIaimin they homies but the foes
Speakin on thug niggas daiIy whiIe we naiIing they hoes
ExpIode boIdIy at my stage shows and formation
Words known to spray bIaze as I raise my thug nation
Crooked thoughts cops get bought no Ionger caught
Did you cry when my girI died
Put out the hit poIitc niggas worIdwide grabbin my dick
I’II never Iearn take away the pain with sherm
Throwin gas on my enemies watchin them burn
CaII my posse, I’m shootin up the casket take the body
Whip the corpse Iike a piñata and party
His Iast breath a straight Iesson I posses Iike jeweIs
Stay thugged out keep it movin

[Chorus tiII fade]






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