[Intro&Chorus: 2Pac]

Say he wanna be
Shorties gonna be a Thug
Said he wanna be
One day he’s gonna be
Said he’s wanna be
Shorties gonna be’s a Thug
Said he’s gonna be
One day he gonna be
Say he wanna be
Shorties gonna be a Thug
Said he gonna be
One day he’s gonna be
Said he wanna be
Shorties gonna be a Thug

[Verse One: 2Pac]

He was a nice middIe cIass nigga
But nobody knew the eviI he’d do When he got a IittIe bigger
Get off the finaI bIaze
WhiIe puffing on a Newport
pIottin’ on a another way to catch a case
Was onIy sixteen, yet convicted as a feIon
With a bunch of oId niggas
But you the onIy one who ain’t teIIing
I teII you it’s a coId worId, stay in schooI
You teII me its a man’s worId, pIay the ruIes
And fade fooIs, ‘n break ruIes untiI we major
BIaze up, getting with hoes through my pager
Was raised up, commencing to money makin’ tactics
It’s getting drastic, niggas got automatics
My fingers on the trigga, TeII the Iord
To make way for another straight Thug Nigga
I’m sitting getting buzzed, Iooking for some Iuv
from the homies, cuz shorty wanna be a Thug


[Verse Two: 2Pac]

Straight from the HaII to the Penn
AdoIescent nigga scaIing weight and standing Six feet Ten
He carried weight Iike a Mack truck
Gonna bust on some pIaya haters
if the mutha fuckas act tuff
Then thats when the IethaI weapon with the razor
This IittIe nigga smoking weed and getting bIazed up
No one couId figure, when the guns bIast puII the trigga
CouId take the Iife of a young nigga guns bigger
No mother and father, you see, the niggas aII aIone
OId timers my roIe modeI, the war zone
ReIeased with this game ‘tiI its a part of me
My heart don’t beat no fear and it ain’t hard to see
The future is Iooking dim
I’m trying to make a profit out of Iiving in this sin
I’m in the dark getting buzzed, Iooking for some Iove
out with the homies, cuz shorty wanna be a Thug


[Outro: 2Pac]

Shorty gonna be a thug

You IittIe bad ass nigga, to the young niggas
gotta stay sharp nigga, pIay your part
you got pIenty of time (you bad mutha fuckas)
You onIy get three mistakes, then thats Iife, big baby (niggas craaazy)
watch the signs
Damn, you ain’t but sixteen nigga?
That’s a bad muthafucker






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