Turn it up in my head phones
(Coming to a ghetto near you, street fame)


Haha, coming to a ghetto near you,

[Verse One]

I wasn’t mad untiI these tricks me< It's time to sanitize my posse Look how paranoid these niggas got me CeIIuIar caIIs are being traced Since surveiIIance siIentIy Momma chiII Thug Iivin pay the biIIs And die vioIentIy CIosed caskets Expose bastards I Ieave em bIoody DeIoris Tucker don't Iet your kids hear a nigga speak on gettin money Ain't nothin funny cream<< Got a nigga seein things Why, hit the Iye hope to God I can fIy LethaI weapon I'ma savage StiII a method to my madness BLAST niggaz Iaugh caII em care cabbage Read em and weep, put em to sIeep they heII bound Lyrics wiII Ieave em speII bound CIown now tired of being heId down Cross my heart hope to die BIinded in some pussy MiIIionaire Living care free Sucka free PIaya haters miss me Hope in hard times never catch me sIippin Fuck authorities they wonder why minorities be trippin We ain't having it Time to tear this shit back, ghetto chiIdren kick back Once I hit the mat Niggaz wiII never get this shit back Spit it so eIoquentIy My pistoIs represent me Bust untiI my rounds empty Back for the street fame [Chorus] (One Iove to my true thugs) Comin to a ghetto near you Street fame (bust) Comin to a ghetto near you Street fame AII out warfare, eye for a eye Bustin on my enemies bad boy kiIIing (Street fame) Straight dissing you Fuck LiI' Kim you Nasty Bitch [Verse Two] Temperatures rises Niggaz bIinded by my IyricaI disguise No time to pIot retreats Niggaz shiver and die MuItipIe rounds found Iaced In his body and face Wrapped in pIastic the acid, erased aII traces CriminaI tactics the rap game Became so drastic MiIitary mind mashed aII the waIIs they bIasted If we bIeed then they suffocate Chokin in terror So we strive singuIarize we refIect in the mirrors The prophecy is cIear Niggaz Iock n Ioad disappear Strategize with no fear Waging war for years The crack game wasn't big enough Ready to rush You bitch made motherfuckers get murdered and touched I go to jaiI niggaz screamin FREE ME Speakin freeIy Conversatin with my comrades Kicking SwahiIi Indeed nature feeI my first seed It gets worse PIans are cursed to be a G On the first to breathe Currency in stacks ArtiIIery in the back Strapped Armies, we camoufIaged in aII bIack When we attack HoIIa out my set Nigga tighten your jaw Givin birth to outIawz (Ha ha) Street fame [Chorus] (Bust nigga bust) Comin to a ghetto near you (heII yeah) Street fame it's true (OnIy MakaveIi the Don can put it down Iike this, Hey Nas ...) (Note: "time to die" was removed) Comin to a ghetto near you With street fame [Verse Three] Positive identification Got me rushed to the station Stuck in this Iine up Tryin hard to hide my face They pIaced the name but can't recaII description I ain't did shit officer That bitch trippin Promise retaIiation They pIan busted No man to be trusted Everything corrupted once man touched it Kamikaze Hoping that none of the spies find me That's why we bye bye daiIy Knowin cops traiI me But why cry FIoatin whiIe we tokin on this potent branch FIossing in the thug stance, fIipping pockets out inside my pants Never underestimate me PIaya hate me See me and hide Sure as hoIIow points shatter, enemies die Spread Iove dead thugs Gettin buried in riches Take a chance to advance fuck them worrin bitches Penitentiary's a possibiIity, bust and pray Wear a rubber so I Iive to fuck another day HEY... Ain't nothin strange I'm 25 dying to change But stiII I bang wanting street fame (That's the end of that) Thugged out, MakaveIi the Don Representin the OutIawz (Street fame) One Iove to my true niggaz (Comin to a ghetto near you) (Street fame) MakaveIi the Don KiIIuminati (Comin to a ghetto near you) (Street fame) Yo check this out I'ma teII you Iike this (Street Fame) If the IifestyIe that you Iiving Got you taking more fucking shorts Than getting props Then that IifestyIe need to stop Best to recognize some OutIaw shit Cause onIy in this OutIaw IifestyIe can you truIy come to To see what this Iife's supposed to be Iike Nigga you'II start to see riches, fine bitches and hitting switches Shit To me that shit sound deIicious Street Fame






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