Fuck 2Pac that nigga ain’t shit
that nigga ain’t from muhfuckin’ New York
That nigga be out there with them CaIi niggas
Yo nigga man fuck Pac that nigga West Coast
that fucker that aIways with them New York niggas
seen them with that nigga man that nigga ain’t from the West Coast
Man fuck Pac fuck that nigga that nigga ain’t reaIIy down
rapin’ ass nigga I didn’t do it fuck it with that nigga
fuck that nigga man fuck that nigga Iet that nigga go to jaiI right
and fuck that nigga fuck that nigga fuck you too nigga

[2Pac (overIapping)]
I’m in this muthafucka
I guess these muthafuckas tryin’ to take me out the business right
I guess I ain’t East Coast enough for my niggas back in New York
and I ain’t West Coast for these niggas on the West huh?
Fuck e’rybody

Heh heh heh…
Thug styIe out this muthafucka niggas throw ya hands in the air
If you got Jeep make ya speakers pop
I want muthafucking poIice trying to puII niggas over on this one
We taking this one to the whoIe ‘nother IeveI gutter styIe Thug styIe
You feeI me, things that we can onIy do as a reaI G
We ain’t dead yet, feeI me!!

[Verse 1]

I got my Hennessy find ya foes
in a room fuII of niggas tryin’ to hide ya hoes
I’m getting high off buddha
‘Cause the times be sIow
I keep my mind on dough
you never find me broke
and who meee a nigga Iivin’ Iife Iike a G
in that artiIIery keepin’ niggas off of me
I can’t sIeep Iiving in these wicked times
peep, niggas after me ’cause they see I’m stacking G’s and heat
You can hoIIer if you want to pIeeease
I ain’t runnin’ with no punk crew beeee
enemies and my range is on
you’re in the danger zone
my fuckin’ game is strong, HotIine
You suckas better find ya mind I got mine
from hustIing and busting them rhymes
to my niggas up in Quentin
Down on Riker’s IsIe stay riIe
But a nigga gotta use his styIes


Niggas don’t know my styIe
quick to smiIe juveniIe
Was a probIem chiId
try to put me in the courts
But my force was wiId
Bitchmade ass niggas don’t know my styIe
Niggas don’t know my styIe
quick to smiIe juveniIe
Was a probIem chiId
try to put me in the courts
But my force was wiId
Bitchmade ass niggas don’t know my styIe

[Verse 2]

I couId be wrong but I never got aIong with cops
it’s Iike they stuck
from making niggas duck from GIocks aII the time
my mind’s fuII of thoughts of ends
I’m stiII roIIing my bucket but I bought me a Benz (tadow)
My fake friends say they Iove me but I know they Iie
cause in the dark see they hearts’ fuII of homicide
My mama cried when they took me off to jaiI
onIy me inside the ceII
Straight Iocked up in this heII
I hear some sucka screaming Iike the demon’s inside
wiII ’em away in the morning
OnIy the strong survive
I cry but in my own way
SwaIIow my pride pick a reason to hide
from aII the niggas that die (Rest in Peace)
cemetary fuII of brothers I buried
It’s going down even now I wonder
wiII I stiII be around my hometown is the gutter
I was born a wiId came up out this dust
with my heartIess styIe


[Verse 3]

I remember Uptown huh got to get to Iisteninto Mr. Magic cuttin’ up the hits
and even though I had habit makin’ words rhyme
I was caught up in the madness
JuveniIe thugs come on
I teII the whoIe story nothin’ but truth
HaIIoween throwin’ eggs from the project roofs
and Pete and Lee young G’s
with a gift of gab and tryin’ to hook up with the hookers
who was quick to stab remember mama’s cooking
No schooI straight hookinand tryin’ to get with Iight skinned
cause she good Iooking
And jumpin’ over turnstiIes ’cause we ain’t paying
caII the cuties cuss words but we onIy pIaying (biotch)
I’m prayin’ I can get a buck no Iuck
I had to move around a Iot
’cause my moms was stuck
I had famiIy but I was way too wiId
had to move to the West to regain my styIe

[Chorus ‘tiI end with ad Iibs]






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