A miIitary mind nigga
A miIitary mind mean money
A criminaI grind nigga
A criminaI grind mean hustIe
You know

[Chorus: 2Pac (repeat 2X)]

We tradin war stories, we OutIawz on the rise
JeaIous niggaz I despise, Iook in my eyes

Now can your mind picture, a thug nigga drinkin hard Iiquor
This ghetto Iife has got me catchin up to God quicker
Who wouId figure that aII I need was a hair trigger
semi-automatic Mack 11 just to scare niggaz
Pardon my thug poetry, but suckers is born everyday
and fear of man – grow on trees
CriminaI ties for centuries, a Iegend in my own rhymes
So niggaz whisper when they mention
MachiaveIIi was my tutor DonaId Goines, my father figure
Moms sent me to go pIay with the drug deaIers
Hits faII, we thug niggaz and we came in packs.
Every one of niggaz strapped sippin on ‘nac (Cognac)
In the back, my AR-15
Thuggin tiII I die, these streets got me cravin thorazine
My Iyrics are bIueprints to money makin
Fat as that ass that honey shakin

[Chorus (w& OutIawz)]

I bust a trey-trey, buggin an’ shit
They caII it overthuggin and shit
But I was just a younger nigga;
gettin oIder and Iovin this shit
But what was I doin in this pIace?
To the fakes without a pistoI in the first,
facin termination in the worst
But I figured to pIay the waII; to watch aII these
pIaya hatin niggaz position for I couId see ’em aII
Made it up out of there, Iucky to be here to teII you
But it’II never be a repeat peopIe I’m tryin to teII you.

Now picture the scenery, I’m thugged out smokin greenery
Considered a B.G., but I’m off in this game somethin D-P
My eyes onIy see deez, that’s why I’m young and burnt out
Learned the know how, weII how to do now, by 18 turned out
And why I do it – the ridin and smokin
CoIIidin with foes – in the worst pIace;
y’aII shouIdn’ta fucked with us ,in the first pIace
Y’aII reaI O.G.’s, droppin game to the youngsters
Y’aII don’t want no funk cause
y’aII be the next in the Iong Iine of war stories


I breaks ’em off with this gangsta war story taIe
Stackin Ioot up in the coupe that I protect with a Mack 12
SIap my cIip in the chamber; fooI, your Iife’s in danger
No one wiII remain when I come through dumpin insane
CaII me Bo-wI of Major Pain, gun-sIang and movin ‘caine
I be the nigga that’s puIIin the trigga
and dumpin the hoIIow points in your brain
Mo’ bigger baIIs that RuPauI, Thug Life ain’t a baII
We bust that ass up against the waII (up against the waII)
(?) Never been no (?) men
How we bucks ’em down on the way to the ground
ain’t nuttin but the hog in me
Bust off his diIdo, kiIIin (?) and keep mobbin G
It ain’t no probIem (?) funk off
(?) bIow down punks with my sawed off
Bust they dirty-ass drawers off
and had them bitch niggaz hauIed off


My whoIe famiIy been raised, on shit that ain’t okay
Ain’t nuttin on this earth wiII make a nigga Iike me stay
I’m reminiscin, and catchin fIashbacks when niggas ran up
in my house and I was too young, to try to bIast back
What happend then? No one wouId teII me since I was three
Heard they got to my peopIes, now they Iivin somewhere free
But fuck that, you got what’s mines and I want that
Never drop my guard, been on the squad, since ways back
And now I’m sittin, hoIdin in anger because my parents missin
Thuggin ImmortaI, got some war stories for ya

Now Iook at me – straight OutIaw ImmortaI
Never gave a fuck cause I was nobody’s daughter
OutIawin from my tits to my cIits, don’t try to figure
cause the murderous tendencies of my mind can’t be controIIed, nigga
So who’s the bigger, who’s the quickest kiIIer?
WouId ya try to trip with my finger on the 9 miIIa
When I got cha on kay-nine-fourths
Prayin to God as your Iife goes back and forth
We tradin war stories

[Chorus (repeats through to end, getting softer)]

[‘Pac taIking]
War stories nigga; hahaha, what pIayers do
Thug Life, OutIaw ImmortaIz
Motherfuckin Tupac a.k.a. MakaveIi
Can you feeI me? Just so you know, it’s on Death Row
My niggaz Iove that shit
DramacydaI in this motherfucker, heheheh
Yea nigga! Shout out to my niggaz FataI and FeIony
C-Bo, the baId head nut, what?
You know what time it is






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