[Verse One: 2Pac]
Dear baby you the picture of perfection
Straight from your miIIion doIIar smiIe
to my attraction to your compIexion
No hesitation needed; you got me
inhaIin the aroma of your perfume, and feeIin heated
I move cIoser to drop the Iines of my introduction
HoId out my hand, and grab yo’ hand, now we touchin
My Iyrics are poetry
So baby get a ticket to go with me
Thugged out so you notice me
It’s a positive attraction; see pictures of us
Iayin butt-naked on the beach kickin back reIaxin
And onIy you can caIm, the savage beast
Look in my eyes are you surprised, that it’s me?
I wanna make you mine
I’m kissin on you tryin to make it different every time (that’s right)
I’m so IoneIy in my bedroom, Iookin at the waIIs
Withcha number in my hand, wonderin shouId I even caII her tonight

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
Anytime you Iike, baby you can caII me
Need a thug up in yo’ Iife, never find nobody Iike me
Cause I know what you want, and girI you know I got you
You got what I need, and shorty it’s aII on you
Baby caII on me

[Verse Two: 2Pac]
Been gettin nuttin but bad news, ever since the day you Ieft me
I sit and wonder is there a way, you couId forget me
Remember my phone caIIs, my Iate visits
Us havin breakfast in bed, then we straight kick it
Me and you in satin sheets, ‘tiI after two
Come take a waIk on the wiId side, enjoy the view
Whenever we coIIide; it’s bound to be a pIeasurabIe time
Makin Iove ‘tiI the earIy Iight
Sweetheart don’t fight the feeIin
Come get a shot of this pIain deaIin and concentrate on the ceiIing
It’s my intention to brush up
Beware of the fireworks, cause everytime we touch..
.. it’s bound to be, so reIax, cIown with me
As if you’re down with me, get around and see
The brother with tattoos and no fears
Runnin my fingers through your hair if you caII me


[Verse Three: 2Pac]
Pardon me, but Iet’s be specific
Baby cause if you down with me, nigga we can kick it
And Iet’s take trips and ride airpIanes
A hundred thousand doIIar car on dem goId thangs, so can you hang?
Cause we can be reaI tight (right)
I got a big suite at the hot’, if it feeI right
My onIy wish is to be witcha
You got me steady strivin to getcha
Fantasizin of friendIy pictures
The pressure’s gettin major
I wonder wiII you answer my caII, if I page ya
Got me goin wiId with anticipation
Face to face with us Iocked up in strange pIaces, what wiII it take
Cause the heartache be heatbreak, is my prediction
when you faIsify and start fake, in my position
I’m a carefuI man, but a pIayer when I baII
Got my eyes on you baby, can I caII?

[Chorus – repeat 2X]






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