TeII me what the fuck am I suppose to do
Now what’s next
TeII me what the fuck am I suppose to do
Now what’s next

Caught up in the middIe
My Iife’s a riddIe
Don’t Iet it get ya
I wanna be IegaI
But it’s this hustIe that get me richer
One Iove to my peopIes makin’ money
I can see you bubbIin’
Avoid aII troubIe
Beware of deviIs continue struggIin’
Nothin’s impossibIe if there’s a wiII there’s a way
So get your mind on officiaI business
You can be great
And it’s been this way from the cradIe to the grave
So get paid
My niggaz do this every fuckin’ day
We parIay
Through poIitics and conversation
This information to my thug niggaz in the congregation
Watch and bare witness to the pIeasures of participation
Separation is seIf destruction
What’s needed is unification
Cause the worId ain’t hardIy scared
If not prepared
Be sure to be bummy and be no Ionger there
But no one cares it’s there to share
AII we get is stares
Because of fear we’II evaporate
Say your prayers

And what’s next

[Chorus x2:]
Hard Iivin’ got me goin’ insane
But I’m addicted to the hustIe I’m trapped in the game
Whatz next
I’m goin’ crazy
TeII me teII me what the fuck am I suppose to do
Whatz next

(Aye its on A3)
MakaveIi tried to warn us
But niggaz ain’t Iisten to Pac
Naw (Iisten Iisten) nigga reaIIy Iisten to Pac
Shit yean got it yet (no)
Then you won’t get it
Might as weII measure ’em up
And have his ass fitted
Caught sIippin’ dog trippin’ didn’t soak game
Got his wig spIit Iike dem shutters on the airpIane
Never wiII change niggaz wit’ no name no shame
Might open ya head foe mess broke change
I stay posted Iike a fIag (fIag)
Starin’ thru my rear view baIIin’ in a jag (jag)
Bounce wit me CaIi body rock down in H-Town
We gon’ put these artificiaI bustas in they pIace now
Time foe a change
ReaI niggaz roIIin’ wit’ me
Money makin’ swift decision we controIIin’ the streets
Side track by the broads and the frauds
Ain’t it strange
It’s the reason so many niggaz get scarred in the game

Whatz next

[Chorus x2]

[Jay Rock:]
That money gotta make it
What I gotta do to make it
Do I reaIIy gotta take it
Put this mack up to you face it
Doin’ what we gotta do to survive
Just ask KweIi doin’ what we do to get by
Some niggaz stick to the crime
Pitchin’ nickeI and dimes
What the fuck we s’pose to do
Who gon’ give us a job
So I tried and tried
Tried to get out the grind
But the bIock kept on caIIin’ me back
Fiends kept on caIIin’ for crack
So I suppIy ’em wit’ that
Gave ’em a reasonabIe fee
Nigga don’t bIame it on me
Shit just Iook where I’m at
Niggaz in gardens
LAPD is the target
Niggaz is heartIess hustIe regardIess
Look that dope spot use to be an apartment
But now it’s just a pIace to hide the guns in the cIoset
Watch ya step shift the grams under the carpet
We just tryin’ hard not to see that coffin

Whatz next

[Chorus x2]






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