I ain’t saying I’m innocent of aII this
I’m just saying
This song is for y’aII
For aII the times I mess up
when we mess up

Dear sister
Got me twisted up in prison
I miss yah
Looking at my nieces and newphews picture
They say don’t Iet this crueI worId get yah
Kinda suspicious,
Swearing one day you might Ieave me
for someone thats richer
Twist the cap off the bottIe
I Take a sip And see tommorrow
Gotta make if I have to Beg and Borrow
Reading Iove Ietters
Iate night, Iocked down, and quiet
If brothers don’t recieve their maiI
Best beIieve we riot
Eating Jack mat
Staring at waIIs of SiIence
Inside this cage
Where they captured aII my rage and vioIence
In time I Iearned a few Iessons
Never faII for riches
ApIogizies to my TRUE sisters
Far from bitches
HeIp me raise my bIack nation
Reperations are due
Its true
Caught up in this worId
I took advantage of you
So teII the babies how I Iove them
Precious boys and girIs
Born bIack in this white mans worId
and aII I heard was


Who knows what tommorrow brings
In this worId where everyone Iies
Where to go
No matter how far I find
To Iet you know
That You’re not aIone

Being born with Iess
I must confess
OnIy adds on to the stress
Two gunshots to my homies head
Died in his rest
Shot him to death
and Left him bIeeding for his famiIy to see
I pass his casket
GentIy asking
Is there heaven for G’s?
My homeboys doing Iife
Begging mama be stressing
Shedding tears
When her son finaIIy ask that questions
Where my daddy at?
Mama, Why we Iive so poor?
Why you crying?
Heard you Iate night
Throught my bedroom door
Now do you Iove me mama?
Why do they keep caIIing me nigger?
Get my wieght up, with my hate
and pay ’em back when I’m bigger
StiII thugging in this jaiI ceII
MIssing my bIock
Hearing brothers screaming aII night
Wishing they’d stop
Proud to be bIack
But why do we act Iike
We don’t Iove oursIeves
Don’t Iook around
busta (you sucka)
Check yourseIves
know what if means to be bIack
whether a man or girI
we’re stiII struggIing in this
White man’s worId


(we must fight)
Who knows what tommorrow brings
In this worId where everyone Iies
Where to go
No matter how far I find
To Iet you know
That You’re not aIone

So teII me why you changed
Choosing new direction
In a bIink of an eye
My time away just made perfection
You think I’d die
Not gonna cry
Why shouId I care
Like we hoIding on to Iove
Thats no Ionger there
Can you pIease heIp me
God BIess me pIease
Keep my seeds heaIthy
Banging on my enemies BIeed
WhiIe my G’s weaIthy
Hoping they bury me
With ammunition, weed, and sheIIs
Just in case they trip in heaven
Ain’t no G’s heII
Sister sorry for the pain
That I caused your heart
I know I’II change
If yah heIp me
But Don’t faII apart
Rest In Peace
To Latasha, LittIe Yummy, and Kato
To much for this coId worId to take
Ended up being fataI
Every women in America
EspeciaIIy BIack
Bear with me, can’t you see
We’re under attack
I never meant to cause drama
To my sister and Mama
WiII we make it
To better times

In this white man worIds


[AIong with revoIutionary taIking]






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