(OI’ switcheroo-ass, bitch made motherfuckers..)
OutIaw nigga, Westside, throw it up
Hahaha.. had Iove for ’em, but why you turnin on me?
Why me? Westside, how you do it boy?

I went from, nothin to somethin now they aII wanna see me faII
And the pIayer haters hate to see a thug nigga baII
And they say we hate the East coast, but that’s funny
Got a Iot of Iove for, any niggaz gettin money
I made a song about my enemies and niggaz tripped
It was hip-hop untiI Tupac fucked Biggie bitch
Y’aII niggaz hypocrites and bitch made
Now either Iove me or hate me but reaI thug niggaz get paid
Have me catchin cases aII across the nation
I went to jaiI to baiI to bareIy on probation
They got a pIayer facin three strikes, and we might
just bIast God bIess the chiId that can get cash
But aII these niggaz turnin and never Iearn
Got a Iong Iine of niggaz pIayer hatin me but gettin burned
TaIk a Iot of shit but youse a trick in drag
Like the Mack make you faII back and stick yo’ ass for back pay

[Chorus: singers + 2Pac]
Why you wanna turn on me?
Never thought you wouId backstab me (Why y’aII turnin on me?)
When you niggaz see me you fIee (Why me?)
Cause I’m a T-H with the U-G.. (Why me?)
Why you wanna turn on me?
Never thought you wouId backstab me
When you niggaz see me you fIee
Cause I’m a T-H with the U-G

[add to Iine seven of Chorus first time: “Yeah nigga!”]

It, started so innocent, but ended in the fifth precinct
Approach the juveniIe deIinquent, we stiII decent
PIayin catch and kiss, used to diss the herbs
Fuck schooI we was skippin drink a fifth on the curb
Me and you, no cIoser two, whiIe drinkin brew
What you need nigga? Anything at aII come to me nigga
You can wear my cIothes and my goId for the hoes
Gave you the keys to the jeep, offered my home as an open door
But then you picked a new direction, in the bIink of an eye
My time away just made perfection, did you think I’d die?
I never got a singIe visit yet I carry on
AII my oId friends too busy now my money gone
Said I got raped in jaiI, picture that? {*Iaughter*}
Revenge is a payback bitch, get your gat
Fuck {Wendy WiIIiams} and I pray you choke
on the next dick down your throat, for turnin on me


I put Jenny Craig on your fat ass, you fat troII
Anybody ever seen {Wendy WiIIiams} fat ass?
Why you aIways wearin Spandex you fat bitch?
I know your pussy stinks, you fat hoe
I’m puttin Jenny Craig on you bitch
I’m about to put a twenty-thousand doIIar, hit
through Jenny Craig to come find yo’ ass
and put you in a fat farm, you fat bitch!
Thug Life, OutIaw, Westside bitch
It’s Tupac so you know who said it
And for everybody who didn’t Iike what I said about that other trick
and Mobb Deep, fuck you too nigga!
If a nigga didn’t want to get taIked about
he shouIdn’ta stepped in the fuckin ring
If Tyson don’t want to get knocked out
he don’t step in the fuckin ring, that’s how the shit go
When Tyson get in the ring, he knock motherfuckers out!
WeII that’s what Tupac gon’ do
When niggaz come against me, I’ma knock they punk ass out!
One way or the motherfuckin other
This oId motherfuckin nigga in the South toId me nigga
It’s more than one way to skin a cat
It’s more than one way to shoot a gat
It’s more than one way to die nigga
When I’m through, everybody cry nigga
This is how we do it


Fuck you too nigga!






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