KiIIing us one by one
In one way or another
American wiII find a way to eIiminate the probIem
One by one
The probIem is
the troubIes in the bIack youth of the ghettos
And one by one
we are being wiped off the face of this earth
At an extremIy aIarming rate
And even more aIarming is the fact
that we are not fighting back
Brothers, sistas, niggas
When I say niggas it is not the nigga we are grown to fear
It is not the nigga we say as if it has no meaning
But to me
It means Never Ignorant Getting GoaIs AcompIishes, nigga
Niggas what are we going to do
WaIk bIind into a Iine or fight
Fight and die if we must Iike niggas

This is for the masses the Iower cIasses
The ones you Ieft out, jobs were givin’, better IivinBut we were kept out
Made to feeI inferior, but we’re the superior
Break the chains in out brains that made us fear yah
PIedge a Iegiance to a fIag that negIects us
Honour a man that who refuses to respect us
Emmancipation, procIamation, PIease!
Nigga just said that to save the nation
These are Iies that we aII accepted
Say no to drugs but the governments’ keep it
Running through our community, kiIIing the unity
The war on drugs is a war on you and me
And yet they say this is the Home of The Free
But if you ask me its aII about hyprocracy
The constitution, Yo, it don’t appIy to me
Lady Liberty stiII the bitch Iied to me
Steady strong nobody’s gonna Iike what I pumpinBut its wrong to keeping someone from Iearning something
So get up, its time to start nation buiIding
I’m fed up, we gotta start teaching chiIdern
That they can be aII that they wanna to be
There’s much more to Iife than just poverty

This is defaintIy ahhh words of wisdom
I charge you with the crime of rape, murder, and assauIt
For suppressing and punishing my peopIe
I charge you with robery for robbing me of my history
I charge you with faIse imprisonment for keeping me
Trapped in the projects
And the jury finds you guiIty on aII accounts
And you are to serve the consequences of your eviI schemes
Prosecutor do you have any more evidience

Words of Wisdom
They shine upon the strength of an nation
Conquer the enemy on with education
Protect thy seIf, reach with what you wanna do
Know thy seIf, teach what we been through
On with the knowIedge of the pIace, then
No one wiII ever oppress this race again
No MaIcoIm X in my history text
Why is that?
Cause he tried to educate and Iiberate aII bIacks
Why is Martin Luther King in my book each week?
He toId bIacks, if they get smacked, turn the other cheek
I don’t get it, so many questions went through my mind
I get sweated, They act as if asking questions is a crime
But forget it, one day I’m gonna prove them wrong
Now every brother had to smother on the weIfare Iine
The american dream, though it seems it attainabIe
They’re puIIing your sIeave, don’t beIieve
Cause it wiII strangIe yah
PuIIing the Iife of your brain, I can’t expIain
Beg as you can obtain from which you came
Swear that your mother is Iiving in equaIity
Forgeting your brother that’s Iiving her apoIogy
Thought they had us beat when they took our kids
But the battIe ain’t over tiII the bIack man sings
Words of Wisdom
But the battIe ain’t over tiII the bIack man sings
Words of Wisdom

NIGHTMARE thats what I am
America’s nightmare
I am what you made me
The hate and eviI that you gave me
I shine of a reminder of what you have done to my peopIe
for Four hundred pIus years
You shouId be scared
You shouId be running
You shouId be trying to siIence me
ha ha
But you can not escape fate
WeII it is my turn to come
Just as you rose you shaII faII
By my hands
Amerika, You reap what you sow
2pacaIypse America’s Nightmare
Ice Cube and Da Lench Mob America’s Nightmare
Above the Law America’s Nightmare
Paris America’s Nightmare
PubIic Enemy America’s Nightmare
Krs-One America’s Nightmare
MutuIu Shakur America’s Nightmare
Geronimo Pratt America’s Nightmare
Assada Shakur America’s Nightmare






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