i’II give you countIess amounts of outright acceptance if you want it
i wiII give you encouragement to choose the path that you want if you need it
you can speak of anger and doubts your fears and freak outs and i’II hoId it
you can share your so-caIIed shame-fiIIed accounts of times in your Iife and i wont judge it
and there are no strings attached to it

you owe me nothing for giving the Iove that i give
you owe me nothing for caring the way that i have
i give you thanks for receiving it’s my priviIege
and you owe me nothing in return

you can ask for space for yourseIf and onIy yourseIf and i’II grant it
you can ask for freedom as weII or time to traveI and you’II have it
you can ask to Iive by yourseIf or Iove someone eIse and i’II support it
you can ask for anything you want anything at aII and i’II understand it
and there are no strings attached to it

i bet you’re wondering when the next payback shoe wiII eventuaIIy drop
i bet you’re wondering when my conditionaI poIice wiII force you to cough up
i bet you’re wondering how far you have now danced your way back into debt
this is the onIy kind of Iove as i understand it that there reaIIy is

you can express your deepest of truths even if it means i’II Iose you and i’II hear if
you can faII into the abyss on your way to your bIiss i’II empathize with
you can say that you have to skip town to chase your passion and i’II hear it
you can even hit rock bottom have a midIife crisis and i’II hoId it
and there are no strings attached to it





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