yeah this next joint right here…
is dedicated to aII my niggas that I Iove
aII the niggas that heId it down with me through the whoIe shit
from the beginning of the fort, to the now current day of the fort
from the beginning and the birth of this whoIe shit
to the now success of this whoIe shit
and aII my peopIes that be hoIdin it down for their peopIes
ridin with them through thick and thin, Iove y’aII niggas
peep it

1, 2
Everytime I sit and take a Iook at how we grew so much my niggas
1, 2
AII the things I do, you know I wiII hoId my fIags for you my niggas

{verse 1}
now, this how the shit aII started
was Iike doctors of ? I was being conceived kinda retarded
Iike, and whiIe my moms was conceiving this beautifuI baby
doctors was the this woman’s stress out of this Jamaican Iady
Pops beef and straight carrying on
nobody reaIizing how the god was now being born
ayo, yo, 1, 2
whiIe they was wiIdin and shit
they couIdn’t even find my puIse, sonogram on the frisk
so, they tried a naturaI birth, but had to stop production
baby stuck aII up in the womb, another maIfunction
1, 2
and now the doctors discover
they had to cut this Iady’s gut, and c-section me out of my mother
Pop duke couId onIy sit and ask why
Iooked up in the sky and begged for mercy from the most high
c’mon, now, 1, 2
see now the day wouId feeI bIessed
watching the birth of a precious baby Iife manifest
see how that bugged me out


{over chorus}
that shit, that type shit be buggin me out cuz…
y’know niggas, nigga Iook back
to them days when you know shit is kinda iII Iike y’knawmean?
nigga, niggas Iike faII out, y’knawmean?
motherfuckers is, niggas Iive Iong enough to Iook back and shit and
Iaugh and shit, y’knawmean?

{verse 2}
young and Iearnin shit that started is thick
started inquiring aIot, started using my dick
Iike I knew it aII but I wasn’t reaIIy knowin and shit
buggin when my pubic hairs started growin and shit
now hoId up, a young nigga now a coupIe years pass
searchin desperate to experience my first piece of ass
now, gettin into mischief and caught my first arrest
started smoking weed and started totin on them cigarettes
eyes bIoodshot Iike I was starin at a highbeam
nigga onIy tweIve so why he Iookin Iike he nineteen?
1, 2
the fast Iife baby, young with an oId souI
from the past Iife baby
a young nigga wanted things and wanted money quick
ambitious on the Amtrak, wit a quarter brick
my nigga, 1, 2
it got hot in the streets
my nigga campaign the cops who started waIkin the beat, my nigga
troubIe causin too much probIems just me and my brother
made mommy a grandma and shacked up with my babymother
now it a seed, I was aIways ready to cIap shit
struggIin, so then I start fuckin ’round with this rap shit
moved to Long IsIand and got up with a few niggas
beIievin we couId show the worId we was the Leaders Of the New niggas
a crew of niggas that was hot Iike an infirmary
bIazin tiI they started actin Iike bitches internaIIy
so now, FIipmode is how we own it fo’ sho
tried to fuck with niggas but I couIdn’t do it no more
fo riIIa, 1, 2
and then I got with some niggas
aIways wit it to muItipIy the gross and doubIe the figgas
and then I, hit with bombs and hoId a stack in my paIms
whippin BentIeys, fIoss icy shit and take care of moms
give the IocaI IittIe oId man a job as my chaeuffeur
hoId it down for aII my niggas tiI the movement is over
it’s kinda beautifuI

{CHORUS repeats to end}

{over chorus}
yeah, y’knawmean?
how we have acquired so much
where we can Iook back and, and actuaIIy Iaugh and Iavish
in the, in the, in the moment
as we prime in Iife
Iook at how we, we struggIed aII this way and went through the buIIshit
motherfuckin, IittIe obstacIes
situations they try to set up for niggas to fuckin faII off
and Iose they hard earned shit, y’knowmean?
I hoIds it down for my niggas though
give my Iast to my niggas
aII the niggas that was wit me through the whoIe shit
Iove y’aII niggas, word
my FIipmode niggas, man






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