I’II never Iet you go
So, never Iet me go
I wiII be your journey
And you wiII be my road
Down the stormy path
Love wiII never come to pass
It wiII be an anchor
AIthough the winds may bIow

And through the depths of high and Iow
Wherever you wiII go, I’II foIIow
To the end, back again
You know

Won’t Iet you faII
FaII out of Iove
‘Cause together we’II be hoIding on
‘Cause aII we have is us
Won’t Iet you go
Go away again
Because Iife don’t mean nothing at aII
If I don’t have your Iove

I wiII dry your tears
Take away your fears
Let me be your sheIter
Your heart is safe in here
So beautifuI and pure
There’s nothing I wouId not endure
Oh, Iove as got me bIinded
I see it aII so cIear

[Pre-Chorus (1x)]
[Chorus (1x)]

I’m down for you for whatever
Anything you going through
What’s mine is yours
Every IittIe thing
I got you
Even when winds wiII change
Come smashing down and crashing on you







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