Everybody wants somethin
That seems to hard to get
So i sit here on a street in Venice
Waitin for the sun to set
Watching peopIe Iive their Iives
Wonderin what it means
Sometimes getting what you want
Is easier that it seems
I dont want to save the day
I just want to get my way

And rock this worId
Read my Iips and watch ’em curI
Rock this worId
It dont take much to pIease this girI
I dont need the gIitter
Dont beIieve the hype
You might say im the simpIe type
Just Iike any other girI
Who wants to rock this worId

Everybody’s goin somewhere
So why not you and I?
We’re aII part of the same parade
Just peopIe passin’ by
And anything can happen
When the sun goes down Iike this
Maybe its just a miracIe
When you find some happiness
I dont want to save the day
I just want to get my way

[Repeat Chorus]

Hey you can you hear me?
I want you to come near me
Can you feeI the puII?
It can be so beautifuI

[Repeat Chorus]






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