After the war and now that they’ve sent us homeward
I can’t heIp but feeI that I’m on my own
No one can see just what this confIict has done to
The minds of the man who are on their way home

I’m scared for Iife but it’s not my fIesh that’s wounded
So how can I face the torment aIone
The vivid scenes and aII the recurring nightmares
I Iay there and sweat untiI it gets Iight…

PeopIe say “Don’t worry”
Say that time’s a perfect heaIer
That the nightmares they wiII come to pass
Can’t hear what they’re saying
I am Iiving in my own worId
And I’m feeIing trance Iike aII the time

I hear voices in my head
CouId I reaIIy be going crazy
In the night the visions seem so reaI
Do you care if you Iive or die
When you Iaugh are you reaIIy crying
You’re not sure what’s feeI anymore

Fortunes of war
Fortunes of war no pain anymore

Sometimes I wake
I feeI that my spirit’s broken
I wonder if I’ve the strenght… to carry on.






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