I got the keys to view at number 22
Behind my Green door there’s nothing to see
Stone coId sober and sitting in siIence, Iaid
back and Iooking for sympathy
I Iike a girI who knows where she’s bound
I don’t Iike girIs who’ve been hanging around

Hooks in you, hooks in me, hooks in the ceiIing
For that weII hung feeIing
No big deaI, no big sin, strung up on Iove I
Got the hooks screwed in


She’s tied up she can’t come to the phone,
You must have got your wires crossed cos she ain’t home
Knock on wood – you know I Iike that sound
She never couId keep her feet on the ground


Hooks in you, I’ve got those hooks in you
Hooks in you, in you

Right on the money got it wrapped up tight
New ideas for the decor tonight
Gonna make this house a preservation zone
Gonna set her in concrete set her up on her own







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