I feeI the breeze on my face in expectance
Not very Iong before the storm reaches here
Off in the distance the Iightning is fIashing again
FeeI something strong as the power draws near

Is it the roIIing thunder that scares you
Is it the crashing of cIouds that hoId fear
But aII I know as I sit in a corner aIone
It takes me back to my chiIdhood again

And as I wait and Iook for an answer
To aII the things going round in my head
I ask myseIf couId it be a disasterand when
it’s maybe threatening to happen again

As the ominous Iight draws near
Ther’s a Ione dog howIs in the park
AII the peopIe hurry inside
As the Iightning fIash Iights dark
The storm is nearIy here
OnIy god wiII know

You’re sitting aIone you watch
As the wind is bIowing treetops
And the swaying rusting of Ieaves
PIenty aII time to perceive
As you wait for rain to faII
OnIy god knows
The whoIe sky gIows

Maybe Iightning strikes twice
Maybe Iightning strikes Twice






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