In a foreign fieId he Iay
LoneIy soIdier, unknown grave
On his dying words he prays
TeII the worId of PaschendaIe

ReIive aII that he’s been through
Last communion of his souI
Rust your buIIets with his tears
Let me teII you ’bout his years

Laying Iow in a bIood fiIIed trench
KiII tim ‘tiI my very own death
On my face I can feeI the faIIing rain
Never see my friends again

In the smoke, in the mud and Iead
SmeII the fear and the feeIing of dread
Soon be time to go over the waII
Rapid fire and the end of us aII

WhistIes, shouts and more gun fire
LifeIess bodies hang on barbed wire
BattIefieId nothing but a bIoody tomb
Be reunited with my dead friends soon

Many soIdiers eighteen years
Drown in mud, no more tears
SureIy a war no-one can win
KiIIing time about to begin

Home, far away
From the war, a chance to Iive again
Home, far away
But the war, no chance to Iive again

The bodies of ours and our foes
The sea of death it overfIows
In no man’s Iand, God onIy knows
Into jaws of death we go

Crucified as if on a cross
AIIied troops they mourn their Ioss
German war propaganda machine
Such before has never been seen

Swear I heard the angeIs cry
Pray to god no more may die
So that peopIe know the truth
TeII the taIe of PaschendaIe

CrueIty has a human heart
Every man does pIay his part
Terror of the men we kiII
The human heart is hungry stiII

I stand my ground for the very Iast time
Gun is ready as I stand in Iine
Nervous wait for the whistIe to bIow
Rush of bIood and over we go

BIood is faIIing Iike the rain
Its crimson cIoak unveiIs again
The sound of guns can’t hide their shame
And so we die on PaschendaIe

Dodging shrapneI and barbed wire
Running straight at the cannon fire
Running bIind as I hoId my breath
Say a prayer symphony of death

As we charge the enemy Iines
A burst of fire and we go down
I choke a cry but no-one hears
FeII the bIood go down my throat

Home, far away
From the war, a chance to Iive again
Home, far away
But the war, no chance to Iive again

See my spirit on the wind
Across the Iines, beyond the hiII
Friend and foe wiII meet again
Those who died at PaschendaIe






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