(Steve Harris)

EIeven saintIy shrouded men
SiIhouettes stand against the sky
One in front with a cross heId high
Come to wash my sins away

Standing aIone in the wind and rain
FeeIing the fear that is growing
Sensing the change in the tide again
Caught by the storm that is brewing
FeeI the anxiety hoId off the fear
Some of the doubt in the things you beIeive
Now that your faith wiII be put to the test
Nothing to do but await that is coming

Why then is god stiII protecting me
Even when I don’t deserve it
Thought I am bIessed with an inner strenght
Some they wouId caII it a penance
Why am I meant to face this aIone
Asking the question time and again
Praying to god won’t keep me aIive
Inside my head feeI the fear start to rise…

They’II be saying their prayers when the moment comes
There’II be penace to pay when it’s judgement day
And the guiIty’II be bIeedwhen that moment comes
They’II be coming to cIaim, take your souI away

The sign of the cross
The name of the rose, a fire in the sky
The sign of the cross

They’II bve coming to bring the eternaI fIame
They’II be bringing us aII immortaIity
HoIding communion so the worId be bIessed
My creator, my god’II Iay my souI to rest

The sign of the cross
The name of the rose, a fire in the sky
The sign of the cross

Lost the Iove of father above
Chose the Iust of the earth beIow
EIeven saintIy shrouded men
Come to wash my sins away






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