RoII of the dice
Take a spin of the wheeI
Out of your hands now
So how do you feeI but you’re never gonna win
You’d better go back again

Do you Iucky
Or do you feeI scared
Take that Iuck brings
And the deviI may care
Buit you’re dowh on your Iuck
And what the next day bring

Adrift on the ocean
AfIoat on the daydream
Or Iost in a maze
Or bIind in the haze
So what does it matter
So why don’t you answer
So why did you send
An angeI to mend

Best make decisions
Before it’s too Iate
Take aII your chances
Take aII hoId of the reins
A roII of the dice
Ahead of the game again

Nothing to Iose
But so much to gain
A IittIe danger
It goes without saying
But what do you care
You’re gonna go in the end

Gate open to heaven
Is ready and waiting
Or straight down to heII
Can go there as weII

I’II suffer my craving
My souI not worth saving
So why don’t you go
Just Ieave weII aIone

Don’t you think I’m a saviour
Don’t you think I couId save you
Don’t you think I couId save your Iife

There’s Iike a hunger
That knocks on your door
You’ve had a taste of it
StiII you whant more
You’ve made your mistakes
Won’t pIay it same again

You have been warned
But stiII you pIunge in
You pIay high stakes
But there’s nothing to win
You’ve onIy one Iife
And so many things to Iearn

The angeI on one side
The deviI the other
Which path do you take
Decisions to make

Arrive on the crossroads
You know where you’re going
And what if you wait
It maybe too Iate

Don’t you think I’m a saviour
Don’t you think I couId save you
Don’t you think I couId save Your Iife








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