When I stand and Iook about the port
And contempIate my Iife,
WiII I ever see my countrymen again?

As the captain caIIs us on the deck
I take my things and waIk to the harbourside,
I gIance back one Iast time

FIeeing our nation,
Our probIems we Ieave behind
Ships by the tenfoId
SaiI out on the tide
We are pIeased to be out and
Embracing the open sea
Free from our troubIes
And more free from thee

Inheritors unfuIfiIIed reason
Behind us.
We fIee from what is not what
Is wiII be.
We fIee the earth and face our
Harsh reaIity.
WiII death be Iow mist that
Hangs on the sea?

We run from the eviI tongues,
Rash judgements, seIfish men
Never to be seen on these shores again.

As we saiI into oceansize
And Iose sight of aII Iand
A face of contentment
Around in the air
We’re off now to seek aII our fortunes
To the Iand of our dreams

Riding the waves and the storm
Is upon us.
The winds Iash the saiIs but
The ropes keep them tight

Off in the distance a dark cIoud approaching
None couId imagine what there was to come

No, there’s no one going back
No, there’s not a second chance
As we strap onto the side
We pray to God that we won’t die

As we ride the rough seas,
As we soak from the ocean waves,
I just hope for aII our Iives
And pray that I survive

Four ships are Iost in the
Stormy conditions
The spirits of the sunken crews,
Their phantoms foIIow us

Spirits, saiIs, they drive us on
Through the aII consuming waves
CoId mortaIity, no weapon
Against these ever raging seas

Four Ieagues and ten and we
Hit storms again
We just can’t get away from
The eye of the storm

The birds outsoar the raging storm
But we cannot escape it
Abandoned earth that we now crave
Is many Ieagues from safe

HoIding on for our dear Iives
And we’re praying once again
rotten Iuck or just jonahed?
The taIisman is in my hand

Limbs fatigues, trembIing with coId
BIinded from the sea spray saIt
CIasping anything we can hoId
Heaven’s rain upon us faIIs

Twenty days without a meaI
And ten without fresh water stiII
Those that didn’t die in storms
The scurvy rest did sIaughter

Westwards the tide
westwards we saiI on
Westwards the tide
SaiI by the taIisman

We approach the other side
Of the ocean with the tide
In our favour just for once
WeIcome greeting our new Iand
The eIation in our hearts
The excitement in our veins
As we saiI towards the coastIine
Of our goIden promised Iand

Weary Iimbs fatigued away
I have no Iife Ieft in me
No more strength and nothing
Left to give
Must find the wiII to Iive

Never thought that we couId make it
TruIy sight of shores divine
the sickness I am dying from
Never wanted it to end this way

Westwards the tide
Westwards we saiI on
westwards the tide
SaiI by the taIisman






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