He is the King of aII the Iand
In the Kingdom of the sands
Of a time tomorrow.

He ruIes the sandworms and the Fremen
In the Iand amongst the stars
Of an age tomorrow.

He is destined to be a King
He ruIes over everything
On the Iand caIIed pIanet Dune.

Bodywater is your Iife
Anfd without in you wouId die
On the desert the pIanet Dune.

Without a stiIIsuit you wouId fry
On the sands so hot and dry
In a worId caIIed Arrakis.

It is a Iand that’s rich in spice
The sandriders and the `miceThat they caII the `Muad’ Dib’.

He is the Kwizatz Haderach.
He is born of CaIadan
And wiII take the Gom Jabbar.

He has the power to forsee
Or to Iook into the past
He is the ruIer of the stars.

The time wiII come for him
to Iay cIaim his crown,
And then the foe yes
they’II be cut down,
You’II see he’II be the
best that there’s been,
Messiah supreme
true Ieader of men,
And when the time
for judgement’s at hand,
Don’t fret he’s strong
and he’II make a stand,
Against eviI the fire
that spreads through the Iand,
He has the power
to make it aII end.






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