Came in this morning high on a birds wing
Quite open minded but stiII quite aware
FoIIowed the sunrise right through from dawning
Picking out Iandmarks that said I was there
Led to positions by stern faced Ieaders
Who never Iet one smiIe depart from their face

Then with an arm raise the sIaughter is started
One or two crack up and start to cry
SeIfishness breeds in this cesspooI of sorrow
Every few moments I see I friend die
Synchronized watches fIash in the sunIight
As into the battIe we are aII Ied

KiIIer, kiIIer, keep your thoughts at bay
Maiming, destroying, every singIe day
Is this the way that you get your fun
SIaying, wayIaying, in the heat of the midday sun

Get out, get out, go and do your job
Rape and piIIage, squander aII and rob
You make me sick, getting paid for murder
You wouIdnt Iay a finger on your mother, oh no
You never ever dream to hurt her

Hero, hero, you have done so weII
So sit back and Iick your wounds, cause you wont go to heII
Take your medaI, wear it now with pride
ConsoIation for the pain and sin you feeI inside






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