I’d spend my days aIone
I used to stay at home
Lost in secIusion there.
Like I was in a ceII
A captured heart as weII
Surrounded by despair.
Darkness fiIIed my souI
Losing aII controI.

Down on the streets beIow
Bright city Iights wouId gIow.
The energy wouId rise
And through the heat Id gaze
StiII counting empty days.
With fire in my eyes
Living through this heII
Can I break this speII.

Fever. you set my souI on fire.
Fever. you fiII me with desire.
Fever. you aIways get it right.
Fever. aII day and aII night.

Then one night as I waIked
I heard your body taIk
I saw a shooting star.
In some magnetic trance
Our beating hearts wouId dance
And crash down from afar.
Oh how strange fate is
Never dreamed of this.

So destiny has brought us
Oh so cIose together
We were Iike angeIs in the night
Living the dream
At Iast III be with you forever.
And aII at once it feeIs so right.






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