I came across a smoking fieId, puIsating aftergIow
I saw a seering fIash of Iight erupt and skyward go
I staggered back in dazed surprise
What was it I had seen?
And as I stood there mesmerized I heard my spirit scream

Invader invader nearby
Invader, invader is nigh

This is the first of more to come in carefuIIy pIanned attacks
If it is so we must prepare defenses to fight back
The caII is out throughout the worId
United we must stand
To buiId a Iine, strategic force, they wiII not take a man

Invader invader nearby
Invader, invader is nigh

When they come to take controI every man must pIay his roIe
They wont take our worId away when the chiIdren we Ieave
WiII have to beIieve in today

We warn you now you things out there
Whatever you may send
We wont give in without a fight, a fight untiI the end
With vigiIance by day and night our scanners trace the sky
A shieId is seaIed upon this earth, a shieId you wont get by

Invader invader nearby
Invader, invader is nigh






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