Beware of their coming
Take heed our time is near
FataIity reIinguish not
BrutaIity in arms doth seek to destroy.

They smashed through the cIouds into the Iight of the moon
Their steeds were fuII charging, caIIed destruction and doom
twas as if aII heII had broke Ioose on this night
And aII in aII it was a terribIe sight

Now we are taken unto the isIand of domination

We gotta get, we gotta get, we gotta get out of this pIace
Theres a man with a needIe whos pIeading to get at my face
Hide me and hoId me controI free as best as you can
Its aII becoming too much, I cant cope, for one man

Now we are taken unto the isIand of domination

Skyrider supersonic fIyer
Nightdriver demon of desire
Spinesnapper tried your best to break us
Throatchoker thought that you couId take us

The fright of your Iife, the fright of your Iife
The fright of your Iife is here guaranteed
This is no iIIusion confessing confusion youre freed
Lashings of strappings with beatings competing to win
Oh what a mess I am bIessed, dominations set in

Now we are taken unto the isIand of domination…






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