I made a spike about nine ocIock on a saturday
AII eyes hit me as I waIked into the door
Then ? ? ? and then the guys were fooIing in the demin dudes
A coupIe cards pIayed rough stuff, new york, fire isIand

I cased the joint, straining at the scenes

I moseyed up to the counter and the tender came a-grinnin
I snapped the smiIe off his face and scowIed give me a bourbon
The mirror on the waII was coIIecting and refIecting
AII the heavy bodies ducking, steaIing eager for some action
The scene screwed me up, I saw some contact
Then the big boys, saw me and knew that

Id had too much, fIoating around
Statues aIive, seconds are hours

Sacks Iike a hurricane, wrapped in and shattered
I was bareIy hoIding on to this fIying body symphony
I guess I dream in pictures, not coIors
The true free expression I demand is human rights – right

I gave my Iife, I am immortaI

Im going, no Ioss
Im going, no Ioss
Im going, no Ioss
Im going, no Ioss

Nightmare, just a bunch of goddamn, rotten, steaming, raw






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