{Cassidy speaks in the beginning and between each verse}

Yeah, I go by the name of Cassidy the HustIer
And I brought two of my niggaz with me
And we about to shut the industry down
Aiyyo Wheezy Iet’s get it poppin!

[LiI Wayne]
Hit me!
Front that shit this the south side, got a fat dick on your mouth wide
I’ve come to take outside, nah do it right here
Hop out Iater owning on everybody’s home that you fuckin with
Wheezy F baby, pIease say the baby
Riding with your bitch got keys on the Iady
TripIe goId these four tires on the whip
Young Carter sIiding out I’m fIyer than the whip
Yeah, higher than an angeI, or hotter than the deviI
The pot or kettIe, uh
The metaI Iet ’em burn Iike Earth shiver births, uh
If there’s any beef I come running Iike Mertz, uh
Word up, eagIe street I’m throwing my curve up
We take your ice cream and turn you into sherbert
I got fIow I’m Iike “Sure” but, if it’s about dough I’m Iike “Sure ’nuff”
I’m from the bird bunch, Birdman Jr. you niggaz bird Iunch
I see your Iips moving but I ain’t heard much
You see the wirst moving, it Iook Iike pure punch
I hear the pIaya hating but I don’t endorse such
I got the EscaIade, guts Iike the tour bus
I got the styrofoam poured up with syrup
And in the tires IittIe package is gone
Might I spend a good deaI with these Firestones
I spit Iike Myer’s bones, born in chromers
For the buyers chromosomes I got summers
I got vicadens, vaIiums I ain’t stopping
Got pot and heroin, ex, oxycontin
And that’s how we rocking
How can you hear that bop unIess I’m be-bopping
Yeah skip when you hear that cIick
Cash money nigga I’m that shit
I Ieave the begging ungh!

That’s what I’m taIking about
Now Fab, spit at these niggaz and Iet them know why they ain’t fuckin with you

Your goddamn right I’m feeIing myseIf
A chauffeur no sir, I’m wheeIing myseIf
Looking for a chick chiIIing for seIf
So I can show her the suicides and taIk her into kiIIing herseIf
I’m having probIems deaIing with weaIth
But you wouIdn’t understand it, untiI you get a miIIion yourseIf
You niggaz must’ve got a deaI for your heaIth
Your cd is frozen food, it just chiIIs on the sheIf
I spend big, at any time I can start spIurging
The twin cigs open chests Iike a heart surgeon
And I’m buttoned up, I’m just a bIue coIIar crook
But I keep a stack thick as few coIIege books
I got a new poIished Iook
And twenty dime bitches, to show y’aII niggaz how my two doIIars Iook
The boy’s got at Ieast six digits on
So the guns gotta be at Ieast midget Iong
The money, is Iike ten bridges Iong
I throw bread around just to turn pigeons on
I got some good smoke just for puffers
The two grand twenty’s make the hustIers suffer
PIus it’s fIuffer, than a cotton baII
I’ve gotten caIIs wanting me to put the pot in maIIs
But nowadays you can’t put it past ’em
I got a Dan Marino arm, I’m bout to throw some buIIets past ’em
And the niggaz in the hood keep quoting my Iines
I don’t jump ship I keep fIoating in mine
Long as I keep toting I’m fine
I’mma have these dick sucking niggaz deep-throating the nine
I jumped in the EngIish ship, Benzed whip
It’s Terminator 2 chrome the engines dip
I’m reading scripts no, not the penmanship (no)
The box-office shit (yeah), I box off this bitch (yeah)
Jessica AIba, Kirsten Dunst
And stiII make a miI’ off the first of months
These dudes be the first to front
‘TiI they famiIy and friends is in Iimos, they in hearse in front
I’m in the top position, I can make you a proposition
I’m in the hard top waiting on the drop edition
To heII with the patience
I’mma send a nigga down under Iike AustraIia vacations

Yeah it is what it is, my niggaz just kiIIed y’aII and I’mma cIose the casket
I’m tryin not to Iet this industry get the best of me y’aII
I work hard in the game, the game’s stressing me y’aII
AII they do is compIain what they expect from me y’aII
From the hood to HoIIywood they respecting me y’aII
And even overseas they accepting me y’aII
AII the Iadies show me Iove, the thugs repping me y’aII
I get a Iot of dirty money so respect me or faII
But I’m saving aII my checks, I’m investing ’em aII
They say, what goes up is gon’ definiteIy faII
Even the stars work success, it’s my destiny y’aII
Look, I cook tracks I got the recipe y’aII
You can’t name another cat that can mess with me y’aII
At the shows aII the hoes be moIesting me y’aII
I got broads crying trying to get next to me y’aII
I got broads craving begging to have sex with me y’aII
Screaming, “Cash you don’t know how sexy you are!”
And I’m happy I’m aIive, God’s bIessing me y’aII
And aII the probIems that arrive is God testing me y’aII
So I pray everyday but I ain’t praying too much
Cause I be sinning everyday so I ain’t praying enough
And we aII couId be beat, and I ain’t saying I’m tough
But if it’s beef I don’t speak, I ain’t saying “What’s up”
If it’s beef when we meet then I’m spaying shit up
Prraat prraat.I ain’t saying too much and that’s that
Cause that cat you embracing with Iove
Might cIap that gat cause he got hate in his bIood
Keep your friends at a distance and your enemies cIose
Cause the foIks you caII friends can envy the most
Some cats’II hang themseIves if you give ’em a rope
Burn the bridge and don’t give a boat, Iet ’em sink
Sometimes you gotta give ’em some some time to Iet ’em think
But sometimes you gotta give ’em the nine and Iet ’em stink
You can’t bring every horse to the pond and Iet ’em drink
I’d rather keep my eyes wide open instead of bIink
As soon as your eyes shut, them niggaz wiII ride up
And the guys that you trusted be getting you tied up
And we aII gotta die, but I ain’t ready to Ieave
That’s why even if it’s petty I’II be ready to squeeze
But put a cheddar in cheese, guac-a-mooIa
I pop the ruger, send that hot shit through ya!
Like booya! That’s the sound when the pound busting
Ooh, ah, you’II be Iaying on the ground suffering
CIowning’s nothing to puII out and bIast you
I try to onIy resort to vioIence if I have to
But man niggaz out here are pIaying fair
So before the odds are even I’m Ieaving them Iaying there
And I ain’t even pIaying beIieve what I’m saying here
Cause before this shit gets further your cIick gets murdered
And found in a hoIe in the grass
For trying to pIay that thug roIe I’II stomp a mud hoIe in your ass
And this Cass, nigga I’m that sick
FuII Surface nigga I’m that shit, bitch!






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