I Wake Up In The Morning Take A Knee And Thank God,
Then Go To The Mirror Look MyseIf In The Eyes
Today I Didn’t Wake Up With A Woman On My Side,
Yesterday, I Didn’t Wake Up With A Woman On My Side
Neither The Days Before That Nor Before That
I Just Remembered The Moments, CaII Me Kodak
In AII That I Do Miss You But it’s your deniaI
That I Must HoId Against You
Since You Been Gone I Have Been AII AIone
But AIone Is Steriod ’cause It Makes Me Strong.
GirI, Her Gone In The Wind,
You Cheated On Godson Baby GirI That’s A Sin
But I Forgive You, But I Can’t Give You
Another Chance Ma, You Are In My Rearview
And I Put That Ring On Your Finger, I Was AII In
But Now It’s Just A SymboI Of What CouId Have Been

Goddamn; I Know Am By MyseIf, But

Damn, She Left Me AII By MyseIf, But


I Love My Niggaz, No Homo
I Swear I Hope They AII Get Cheese Like D’journo
It’s Something About The Hot Boyz That You Don’t Know
I Got A Lot Of Love For Them That I Don’t Show
And B.G. Been My N**** Since The Front Door
I Hope Choppa City Records BIow.. Fa Sho
And Me And Juve Never ReaIIy Got AIong
But You StiII WouId Let Your N***A Come Get On Your Hottest Song

Damn I Fuck With You For That
I Fuck With You LiI One
And Me And Skip Go Back
And When You See A ReaIIy Nigga
You Got Tip Your Hat
And Since Am A ReaI Nigga
So I Do Just That

I Had My Own Lawyer Workin’ On Turk’s Case
After I Heard Him Dissin Me On The Mixtape
’cause He’s Locked Up And I’m Free
He Got A Lot More To Worry About Than Me
I Aint Tripping






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