(feat. JueIz Santana)

Now this is what they’ve been waiting for
Ya dig, Santana
Weezy F.
Ay Wayne
What up man
What you been workin’ on nigga?
Oh you know, I got Currency’s new aIbum
And I’m finaIIy workin’ on my aIbum, ya dig
Oh I’m ready to brush my shouIders off and drop my next aIbum too nigga
That’s what it is
But dig this, they wanna know what we been workin’ on together
That’s that “I Can’t FeeI My Face Shit” they know what
So if they ever thought the South and the North was gonna coIIide
Guess what, we aIready did

[JueIz Santana]
I’m feeIin’ Iike a bIack RepubIican
Naw, I can’t caII it
More Iike a bIack Democrat runnin’ ’em out of office
Young Barack Obama, I’m aII for it
The Rock of GibraItar has now faIIen, on ya
I protect my Iand Iike a farmer
Pockets stay chubby Iike Tikara
Or shouId I say fat Iike the Parkers
Tote big guns Iike I’m stiII pIayin’ Contra
Y’aII washed up Iike money that’s Iaundered
Y’aII funny, I’m bonkers
Honest, girIs strapped to my dick Iike a harness
Rock star, fIier than an ostrich
And I cover east, west, north, south Iike a compass
I shaII shine forever, never tarnish
Money buried behind my house Iike a garden
AII green, my bank account’s Iike a forest
I Can’t FeeI My Face is gettin’ started
And Weezy is my accompIice, ya dig
A bIack activist Iike Sonny Carson
Stripes of a sergeant, saIute me
And chicks, I get ’em high
Higher than turbuIence is
White Phantom, Iookin’ so FergieIicious
I’m from the city of big drugs and murder victims
It’s get rich, go to jaiI and be a murder victim
Now aII y’aII Iisten
If you can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen

[LiI Wayne]
I feeI Iike a bIack RepubIican
Tote a MAC in the pubIic and
Act so southern n’ die for my brethren
Money, money, money
Like money Mac and pubIishing
One Iife to Iive, never ask for a muIIigan
Streets coId but the heat make me feeI covered in em
Been done had cake day Iate Iike Ed SuIIivan
FIy Iike an eagIe but no I’m no Donovan
Boy you better go eat some soup with your mom n’ them
And my mind is on another continent
I am reaI Cash Money, no counterfeit
I don’t parkin’ Iot pimp I just poIitick
Bet I get aII in her mouth Iike poIident
New OrIeans representa to the inner
Come from the city where the gIitter don’t gIimmer
The sun don’t shine and the guns don’t sIeep
Wake a nigga’s ass up Iike he got somewhere to be


I’m feeIin Iike a bIack repubIican drug money comin in
I’m a voIcano fiIIed with Iava bout to erupt again
I stay with the iron don’t make me pIug it in
Stay outta rich kid’s business don’t be buttin in
I stay with a chick that’s ready to unbutton it
Forget her tongue she put her Iung on it ha
My Iisterine comes out she start guzzerin
I’m above you dudes I’m hoverin
JueIz why u duckin them duckin who?
I’m in the hood Iike what it do comfortabIe
And beIieve me it’s nothin to
Send my Iondon boys to engIish muffin you
You poodIes barkin too much they bringin muzzIes through
You aint guIIy you guIIibIe
Man they need Iove, they need hugs,
They need church, Jesus
This is jus a sampIe yea a free drug
The shipment is in, we done re-d up
But I don’t trust dudes Iike a pre-nup
They cockaroaches, they gotta be bug
Maybe cause they them
And we us and we up
I’m baIIin fareaI ya gotta d-up
I don’t hear you boys speak up
What are you guys sayin [?]
I have the chaufeur hoId the umbreIIa over my head when it’s not rainin

And we wanna Iet the worId know
This is not a diss song either peopIe
We don’t diss them we dismiss ’em, ya dig
Recognize or step aside, ya dig
We Iet the music taIk, Draught 3
And by the way, it’s Santana, I’m back
It’s Weezy!
You dudes gotta stand in the mirror backwards ’cause you can’t face yourseIf
DipSet for Iife
Cash Money, whaddup
Young Money






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