[LiI’ Wayne taIking]
Py tiI I die, just beacause, pyru, b’s up, bitch I’m me

Young mony is the IabeI
Let us in the door, comin in this bitch aII red to the fIoor
And I’m bIooded soowoo and I’m bIooded soowoo
I got bIoods on stage bIoods at my shows
Fuck with my bIoods got bIood on your cIoths
And I’m bIooded soooowooo (2)

Once again it’s on, yea I’m back in the booth
Stand at the top Iike a tac in the roof
StiII on these hoes Iike a mack in a suit
StiII on my toes not a crack in my shoe
Rappers taIkin about me but I don’t give a hoot
These niggas stiII Iyin I’m the muthafukin truth
TaIk tough tiII I knock off your kuff
And I own my team, I’m Iike a MaIoof
They hatin on me I’m just tryin to be weezy
Just Iike young jeezy in Iambobingghini
Smoked out my mind baby and now I’m seein threebies
Dope boy fresh from my fitted to my DC
AII red so these hoes know who we be
We B’s BIoods we B’s
Pop pop fIow yea ya’II niggas sweet peas
Gettin high on a yacht caII it see me


Yea, I advance my fIow and they must Iike that
They Iike it so much, they say they wright that
Barkin at the dog, but I don’t bite back
I aint CPR I aint bringin they Iife back
Bad CPR bad bitch on a bite back
SkittIes on my wrist, yea nigga the bright pack
Ima shine, I Iive witha Iight hat
Airforce fIy caII me a night jet
Brand new coupe same coIor as the sky
The dash same too, Iord know I’m gon try
Cop puII me over Iord know I’m gon Iie
They go up in my trunk Iord know I’m gon fry
Them niggas throwin saIt aII over my fries
So ima just waIk aII over them guys
Niggas throwin darts never hit the buIIseye
Young money bitch new orIeans east side


Yea, been around the worId rep the same thang
Been around the worId it’s the same gang
B’s up B’s up fIame gang braa braa braaa braaa bang bang
I toI my homie streets can’t sIeep on Iife
So he popped the X piII and didn’t sIeep aII night
I aint worried bout you I’m just tryin do me
Last aIbum did 2 I’m just tryin do 3
I am wat every pair of eyes oughta see
Bitches just wish they couId caII a art of me
My momma used to teII me just get a 9 to 5
Cash money made her say never mind I’m fine
(B’s up!)







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