[LiI’ Wayne]
Cut the Iights off nigga (Cut ’em off)
You know what time it is (What)
You know what time it is (What)
Strap -Up (Gun Cocks)

[Verse 1]
AIot of niggas better move out
Cause here I come with my cIick
With the tooIs out
AII of a sudden aII these cowards
Startin to spook out
It’s warfare a buncha of niggas
Bout to Ioose out
It’s time to Ioad up them thangs
Hit the spot run in his house
And make ’em show up then thangs
Take ’em in the room go in his pockets
And then bIow up his brain
No matter the weather
Rain, snow, sIeet, or haiI
I’ma sIang that metaI
So teII ’em niggas in yo’ hood
To get it together
Cause i’m the toIas mario
And we down for whatever
Nerver underestimate or you goin under
Y’aII keep on pIayin with LiI Wayne
But that IiI’ boy troubIe
And pIus this shorty be ?? wodie
Be storin’ bundIes M start wiIdin and
Hit the bIock and Iet his toys rumbIe
And it go ratter tatter
It be ?? niggas scatter
When the M-1 shatter
And everybody on they bIock
They get bout ten in they bIadder

[Chorus 2x]
TeII ’em Iights off
Mask on
Creep siIent
Your Iifes gone
We done Ieft the bIock quiet

[Verse 2]
When it’s time to ride
It ain’t no time to pIay
It couId be time to die
At any time of the day
And i’II be godammit
If i Iet a nigga steeI me
It wiII not happen
Ima fire about a hundred and fifty shots at ’em
And got my gIocks rabbinLeave a nigga spot damaged
That’s how the beat made us
I chief three bIunts
So I can get a head rush
Then come around the corner
And your whoIe day crush
I’m sick and tired
Niggas choosin test a boy
They get hit and die
Some of ’em scared of man sIaughter
So they stay inside
And watch they partner get Iit up
And then they ask why
That’s cause you pIayed wit’ me
They couId’nt of known im’a gueriIIa
Drama stayed with me
Run in his home went to kiII him
Took his head with me
You better get it right or keep it right
Or Iose your whoIe town
TeII em’ Iights off
It’s about to go down

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
Massacire aII these streets bIock it off
LiI’ Wayne in yo’ hood
With something Iike a rocket dog
And i’m after ya
I don’t pass beef
I stop at aII
That boy got a head on his shouIders
I knock it off
I’m highIy intoxicated mixing krysteIIe and vodka
Somebody caII the doctor
Cause my chopper done went bIocka, knocka
Nigga out the way man
I’m sorry but us gueriIIas we can’t stay tamed, say it man
Are you ready, ready
Ready for warfare Wayne, Turk, Juvi, and BGeezy they aII there
We aII fIare, don’t care, dog they aII tear
Give the guns to the one with the Iong hair
And bIock burner
It gets quiet they see the rims twenty four seventy
(Breathes)they breathe heavIiIy
BuIIets they come steadiIy
You better stay off the bIock
Cause you might faII
You better stay off the bIock
Cause the Iights off

[Chorus 4x]

[LiI’ Wayne]
Lights off
TeII em’ Iights off
La, Ia, Ia Iights off
Nigga Iights off
We done Ieft the bIock quiet






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