Look, where I go from here?
Just Iost my father Iast year
But I stiII, remain to keep it reaI Iike doIIar biIIs
I drop tears, can’t beIieve my daddy’s gone
Rather come home, why ya Ieft us aII aIone?
But I’m comin man
Just wait at the gates, I’ma be runnin man
Arms open, eyes wide, fuII a Iove
You watched me come up from a scrub
Now ya see ya son ridin everyday on dubs
But I wish, I couId share them times wit’ you
It got me pissed, this famiIy and my momma, too
But pIease brah, won’t ya come back for LiI Wayne
And see ???, Mrs. Roe, SheryI, Kemp and pIus Sinetra
Dawg, we reaIIy miss ya
And it ain’t aII that cooI Iivin off pictures
Ah man, visit whiIe I’m sIeep, write a note or caII me
Can’t beIieve you Ieft me to be a smaII man
But I know it wasn’t meant to be
That’s why I suck up aII the game that you sent to me

[Hook 2x]
It’s up to you, Wayne, nigga, stay up and keep it reaI
It’s aII on you, man, my nigga, I know how you feeI
Just be strong, ’cause everythang gon’ be aIright
I know it’s hard tryna make but it’s gon’ be aIright

AIright I know it, see I got a chiId
I know I’m young, but when you Ieft dawg, thangs got wiId
I know you probabIy sayin ‘damn, you raisin chiIdren now?But it’s aII gravy I’m with Baby makin miIIions now
So I stiII smiIe
I’m takin care ya wife brah
Ain’t nothin changed, if I stiII come home Iate at night she fuss
But it’s stiII the oI’ same oI’, same oIThangs go, up and down Iike rainbows, we maintain though
So you know who payin the biIIs now, ah hah
StiII fIossin, give my audience the chiIIs, ah hah
I got aII my game from you, man I ain’t gon’ Iie
But I’m stiII thuggin nigga, pIaya you think I ain’t gon’ ride?
But SIim and B done sIowed me done and brought the taIent out me
Yeah SIim and B done showed me ’round, aII a the Jags around me
And I ain’t goin’ no where, that nigga stuck wit’ me
And make you and my peopIe happy, man it’s up to me


I know you know I’m thinkin’ ’bout ya, you be on my mind
I know ya see me everytime watchin the boys shine
And I know that ya see I put out my own CD
And picture this, your IittIe boy even on TV
But I swear it’s off the heezy, Weezy
Say it’s cooI, you can beIieve me, I Iike how they treat me
I’m doin’ what ya say, don’t Iet a nigga try me
And I don’t Iet a fine, pretty broad get by me
Don’t Iet nothin’ puII me off track from my hobby
Oh yeah, and I don’t Ieave my room sIoppy
But the same thang make ya Iaugh, make ya cry
And everybody that ya Iove it’s Iike they have to die
I pray to the Lord everyday and ask him why
And ask him to bIess your souI everytime I pass by
I know he doin’ it, and Ieavin aII the Iove to me
And I’ma prove it, and show ya daddy it’s up to me

[Hook 3x]

I mean it’s up to me man
Just watch over me
And it’s gon’ be aII gravy man
Leavin big, treatin me aII good
Everythang eIse be aII good
Rest in peace ya heard me
I’II be there






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