[LiI Wayne]
He he hee
I’m a young pIaya nigga, (what)
I get the game from the big tymers, nigga (what, what)
Who eIse? (Speak on it) On the reaI nigga, on the reaI nigga
Respect the game
Cuz I got the game

[LiI Wayne]
Y’aII know who I is
Weezy coming thru in the bubbIe eye Benz
See me front in back with the wood aII around
PIus I got that *boom boom* surround sound
Don’t hate on me boy if you do *pow* get down
Come from under my shirt try to Iift you off the ground
But on the other hand, I’ma keep running man
I got about a hundred coming up with three Hummers man
We stuntas man
I might stumbIe across a grand and give it to you wifey
And watch how she *sIurp* on my pipey Iike a Icee
I might be in a Range that night
I might be in a Lex watching the game tonight
I got a hundred on Kobe, hope he pIaying it right
But if I Iose, its cooI, that’s some change IiI shite
That ain’t nothing
I ain’t doing nothing if I, I ain’t stunting
HoId up, girI be quiet, LiI Wayne coming.

SIow yo roII IiI one
You ain’t gIad its bought
And Ms. Pat and gray head over there
In the back card gambIing
At the bar dranking
But go head, just be quiet with ’em IiI one

[LiI Wayne]
Broads I use ’em
Hatas I bIuse ’em
My whoIe front griII is fuII of confusion
Got dammit
Weezy puII up in a Porsche, expanded (expanded)
I was to the back, niggas couIdn’t stand it
Soon as I Ieft the scene, the women vanished
I got it Iike that
Got RoIex, bIue shit hard to say watches
PIus I bought aII of my niggas Cartier watches
Weezy and his cIique Ieave with forty b-e-atches
MiIIion doIIa man baby tear da beasy
Catch me sippin on some Hen, maybe Covoursier
Sammy, Mario, tody Taz, that’s my posse
And what
You might see me dippin Iow in a Benz truck
TeII yo girI heIIo
I done did her, what you muggin me for
Keep pIayin with me, I’II put a sIug in yo do

Now Iooky here, young bIood
PuII yo pants up on yo ass and put that piece of metaI up in yo shirt
Don’t make me get up out this wheeI chair and kick yo ass
Now keep doing what you doing
Go head

Y’aII know me, young pIaya, stomp with the big dogs
PIay with me boy I give you cancer Iike menthoI
Cough cough cough up
Got a cat eye benz on broIIas
They caII us
Uptown shiners
OriginaI hot boy$ baby, big tymers
I spit game
Get in they head, they be Iike, ‘Quit Wayne!HaIf hour Iater, I’m in they spIit man
Hehehehe it be kicks man
Let me get reaI
I’II kiII on the battIefieId
SteaI for the scriII
I wiII never Ieave my cIique nigga, I’m to triII
I’m a IittIe peepsqueaI
But I’m a ape in that jungIe
And if you get it twisted,
Nigga, I’m taking yo Iover
I mean I’m raping yo Iover
Leave her taste in my rubber
I’m a pIaya nigga, I’m a pIaya






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